Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Fourth of July from San Miguel de Allende

There is a group of us who meet every Monday morning at Don Tomas, adjacent to the jardin, for coffee, conversation and silliness.

We are a group of eleven.  However, the size expands and contracts depending on the weather, the time of year, and visitors from the USA who have joined us in the past.

When a holiday comes up it is common for the number to expand, which was what happened today.

I had purchased eleven Fourth of July headbands for our eleven "members" - a term I use very loosely, because there is no membership.  Rather, these are the "regulars" who are here mostly each week.

At Christmas I buy headbands with Santa Claus, snowflakes and whatever else will make us all look silly, have fun and giggle.

Today was the first time that we have had Fourth of July headbands with stars and glitter.  The reaction from
people walking by was priceless.  Truly.

Many citizens of Mexico came up and wished us "Happy Birthday"!  Some came up and said "Happy Fourth of July".  So many asked if they could take photos of us, that we kiddingly repeated, "Yes for pesos" and we all laughed.

Tourists came up with their cell phones and wanted to photograph us to send photos back to the USA to
friends and family.  MANY great conversations ensued.  I met a girl who recently graduated from the University of North Carolina.  In addition, a couple from Orange County California stopped by and we
talked for quite a while.  She is an art historian and teaches at a university.  Her husband is an attorney
in California.  I would say they were in their mid 30's and trying to figure out how they could come to San Miguel with their two children, live and make a living.  Delightful.

None of this would have happened if we had not had the silly headbands on.   Here are a few photos to bring a smile to your face.

Needless to say, since there were 16 of us, it is obvious that I could never get the group to all look one way and smile to get a group photo today.

Happy Fourth of July to all of you from all of us in San Miguel.  And, "No""to the question from someone on the street which was, "Are there fireworks tonight?"


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Oh wow! So nice to see all our new San Miguel friends there. What a riot! Happy fourth of July!

Babs said...

Thanks Peter and Happy Canada Day to ya'll!

sylvia said...

But there were fireworks! We were very lucky to be able to enjoy just as we were finishing our dinner at La Posadita!
Love SMA!

Scott said...

Happy 4th from Texas. Looks like you had great fun. I watched some scenes of Houston's fireworks on Headline News this morning. They said there were big crowds, despite the heat.

Babs said...

Sylvia - Yes, I heard the fireworks when I was downstairs some time after 9PM. I went upstairs and watched them through the living room window. Someone must have
been having a private party in centro! Nice finish to a fun day.

Thanks Scott - I used to take the children to Hermann Park for the fireworks........or somewhere, eons ago. The Fourth should, IMHO, be
with a big bbq in the backyard with home made food and a big cherry pie
or flag cake and plenty of stuff to drink. I think I'll do that here
next year or be in Houston at my daughter's house.

It was fun being silly, but not the same as being with family and long time

Hope you had a great Fourth........Our high here yesterday was 79F!