Thursday, July 07, 2016

The "Lady in the Garden" Needs a Trim

While working in the garden early this morning, I noticed that the "Lady in the Garden" needed a trim!
The amount of rain that we have had since the first part of June has caused everything to grow at a rapid rate.  The ferns and mandevilla vines are taking over.  It's a jungle out there - here, in the semi-arid desert.

I grabbed my clippers and now "The Lady" can see again and I can see her.

Given to me about twenty years ago for my birthday, this lady and I have traveled many miles together.  She has always been somewhere in the various gardens that I have created.  Somewhere where I can see her daily.  She presently resides out the wall of windows of my bedroom.  Not only do I see her daily, but every time I walk into that room, she is straight ahead.  Obviously she is a treasure.

She was created for me by a dear friend and extremely talented concrete artist, Hayes Parker.

Unfortunately, since moving to Mexico, I have lost touch with him.  We were friends starting in the 70's when I used to sell in craft shows in the USA.  I remember, particularly, a show at Westbury Square in Houston where the temps soared to the 100's.  It was my decision to never to do a show outside again.  I never did.

Hayes did not either, I don't think.  Once I helped him in a show at the Astrodome for the preview party for the Nutcracker Market benefiting the Houston Ballet.  I have never, before or since, seen such a frenzy of women buying as fast as they could write a check or get their money out.  Exhausted that night after the show, all I could do was limp on sore feet to my car and dread the fact that I had a few more days to help in the booth.  It was absolutely a mind blowing experience - another thing I never did again.  Ha.

Hayes' work was always distinctive, beautifully made and a treasure.  In my house are many other pieces that he gave me over the years.  I sure wish I knew where he is and how he is.

Thankfully he gave me "The Lady" so many years ago.  I wonder if he has any idea how much joy and beauty she has brought to my life for all of these years.  Life is good.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

A Google search of Hayes Parker only shows some of his artworks for sale on E-Bay. He has indeed made some wonderful things. The lady sure adds grace and beauty to your garden...

Unknown said...

It's easy to find almost anyone these days.

Andre Sólo said...

Hi Babs, I've been a fan of your blog for some time now. I didn't see a contact page so I'm reaching out to you here - my girlfriend and I are both authors and we just arrived in San Miguel de Allende! I've been here before but it's her first time (your blog helped put her at ease about coming!). We'll be here for two months and we'd love to make some friends locally. Would you like to get together sometime? You can reach me at andre (at)

Thanks again for writing such a great blog. said...

Just realized I left a small Hayes Parker attached to the wall by the back door. Damn! Hope the new owners enjoy...oh well, I don't have a place for it here.

Retired Teacher said...

My garden is also a jungle. I'm constantly trying to make it at least "a manicured jungle"!

Babs said...

Peter and Unknown - I did some sleuthing of my own. The internet can be magical and found my friend, Hayes Parker, after all these years. I'm thrilled that we are in contact again.

Babs said...

Andre, thanks for your comment. It is always nice to know someone has been reading the blog, even though I did not previously know them.

I'll contact you by email and we'll get together!
Thanks for writing

Babs said...

Kay, oh NO! Does your comment mean that you are no longer in Houston? Or are you
talking about your place by the bay?

Think of you often........sorry we were not able to get together when I was in Houston.

Babs said...

Bill, the jungle grows faster then I can "tame" it. Manicured, it is not. Yours, however, is so so lovely.

Andre Sólo said...

That sounds great Babs, we look forward to hearing from you :)