Monday, November 28, 2016

Because Life is TOO Short

                                Not to laugh........not to be silly and not to bring laughter to others.

I've seen this car all over town with the Teddy Bears hanging out all over, but now with the Christmas
decorations, you just have to stop dead in your tracks and laugh.  Seriously!

As I was taking these photographs, a taxi driver came up to me and said "Gringo loco".   Indeed!
Why not?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Words from a Wacky Woman

The blog that you are reading apparently has a following along with providing information to many.  This fact has become more and more noticeable to me in the last few months. Yes, the stats say there are over 30,000 of you a month, but I pesonally have never actually focused on that.........until now......when I am meeting so many of you right here in San Miguel!

First, a couple who I met in the USA a few years ago became followers. Eventually they visited San Miguel after reading the blog all that time and then moved here last month.  I've learned that this is not uncommon.

They expressed how much of an impact reading the blog had on their decision to visit San Miguel and then to move here.  In fact, when they drove down to be here all the time, they copied out the instructions posted back in 2013 on Driving to Mexico!
I went out to visit them at Los Labradores where they rented a townhouse and are settling in.  That is when this photo was taken.  I was amazed that they had  felt that the blog was informational enough to use the written instructions!

Such a lovely couple.  They are a welcome addition to the San Miguel area and Mexico.  Having lived overseas previously and also in Canada, hopefully they will enjoy being here as well.

Then a few weeks ago while I was sitting on the bench, a woman turned to me and asked if I was Babs.
It turns out she too has been reading the blog for quite a while.  Another lovely person that had never commented on the blog, but someone I would certainly enjoy knowing.  She lives here now.

Then on Thanksgiving at a large gathering, a man called to me with the name Babs and so I knew he read the blog.  It turns out he started reading the blog while still living in Belize.  He has been here now for several years.

This begs the question,  How many of you dear readers out there have been influenced by the blog to make the move to San Miguel?  Or, How many of you are thinking of moving to Mexico and possibly San Miguel?
And, if so, Have you visited as yet?  I'd also love to know How did you find the blog?

There are several bloggers in town right now and many more that will be here in December.  It's a tsunami of readers.  It never ceases to amaze me, truly.  It makes me SO happy to know that from reading the posts that you choose to come visit and so many of you reach out to meet me.

As I said to someone on Thanksgiving, when I started writing Babsblog, it was out of desperation to find a purpose for my life after my daughter died in 2004.  No way in the world could I have ever imagined how
all of you would come into my life and enhance and enrich it.

When I do meet ya'll, however, I know nothing about you but you know quite a bit about me. It is rather surreal. I want to know more about you!  All of you.  Please comment.  If you don't want to do so on the blog, then send me an email at  I seriously care about each of you who take time out of your busy schedule to keep up with the wacky woman in Mexico!

Hope to hear from you!

Monday, November 21, 2016


The post on November 13th of photos and information on Casita Sands here in San Miguel has had an update.  Around 250 people have looked at the post, but it has not rented for December and January.

In a conversation today with the owner, I said that I thought the rent at a weekly rate might be a bit high
and possibly it would be a good idea to have it at a monthly rate for those two months.

It is a windfall for someone who is looking for a place, last minute!  It has been reduced to $1000 a month
for each of those months.

Word on the street is that everything is leased for December now, so here is your salvation.

Go to the blog post to see photos and information on how to contact the owner.

Buen suerte'.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Watching the Webcam in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico..........

About a month ago, for some reason, I decided to check the webcam in the evening.  What I saw was odd
and confusing.  Finally, just today, the mystery has been solved.

As I looked at the webcam,, there was an unoccupied stage set up at one end of the plaza.  There must have been a ceremony earlier, I surmised.  Covering the rest of the area between the jardin and the Parroquia church were vehicles, police officers at attention in uniform and officers on horseback.  All together it was an unusual sight.  One I had never seen before.  Hence, I continued to check back in from time to time to see what was continuing to occur.

The vehicles, police cars, would drive around the jardin on the four adjacent streets and reform in a new formation.  Weird.  This went on for close to an hour.  There were few bystanders.  Just those involved
in the activities and me, up here on the hill, checking in on the internet. 
I've been curious for all this time as to what was going on.  Mentioning it to others did not provide any clues, which is typical.  Finally, today, the online newspaper Mexico News Daily had an article about the administration replacing the old police vehicles with new ones - thirteen to be exact.  Five for the Municipal Police, five for the Highway Patrol of the federal road that encircles San Miguel and three for Civil Patrol, whatever that means.

Although I checked the webcam late in the evening, I sure would like to know if the priest from the Parroquia had earlier come out and blessed the new fleet with holy water.

Never will I forget the first time that I saw all the taxis and police cars lined up in the Plaza with their hoods up one morning.  Some of the taxis were decorated with streamers.  Then the priest came out and walked to each and every car and sprinkled holy water under the hood.  It was a sight to behold.  Unlike anything I had ever seen.  I've never seen this done again.  Although once when the schools got all new desks and office equipment, it was all unloaded in front of the church.  Lo and behold, the priest came down and walked from desk to desk and chair to chair to bless all the items.  Amazing.

The plaza between the church and the jardin has, in the past, been referred to as the living room of San Miguel.  It's where the hat sellers, balloon sellers, tourists and locals walk through on their way to wherever.
All parades end up here and indigenous tribes dance here for ceremonies.  It's a joy.

Checking the webcam from time to time is fun.  Living a simple life is great.  Let me know what you think of our little town.

In the coming days, along with today, there will be lots of activity as this is the weekend to commemorate the Revolution, a federal holiday.  Hopefully tomorrow the tradition of the kindergartners dressed as Pancho Villa and others will parade.  They too will end up in this plaza area.  It is a delight to see.  Enjoy!



Monday, November 14, 2016

The "Gypsy Kids" Have Plenty to Say!

Matilda and Sebastian came over after school today.  While they were eating snacks and we were all talking, out of the blue, Sebastian stood up and said "My Mexican friends say no Mexican will  ever build the wall for Trump"!  Now, I have never discussed politics or said anything about either candidate because, of course, I was thinking that they are only six and eight years old.
Sebastian was not through after he made that comment.  He asked, "Do you think Trump is going to come to Mexico and have a Revolution and hurt us?"  His daddy and I assured him that Trump would be smart NOT to come to Mexico.

Then Matilda added several comments about the President-elect - some of which were true and some were not, so we discussed them.  I am assuming these subjects were discussed with her classmates at the International School.It was astonishing to see and hear their comments and how well they grasped quite a bit of what is going on.

Matilda ended it with saying that girls and women have to stand up for themselves and not let anyone take
advantage of them, Ever.

I was so flabbergasted by all these comments that I did not pursue continuing the conversation.  However, I
think the next time I see them this week, I will ask them more questions and discuss this more with them.
They are never too young to learn about democracy, pride in the USA and all the things that I and my son
learned in grammar school in the USA.

Even though we all live in Mexico, we are still first and foremost US citizens.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Casita Sands for Lease - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico = UPDATE on Rates - December and January reduced to $1000 Month - READ below.

There was so much interest in my casita rental that a friend asked that I post photographs of Casita Sands
as it is available for lease now - weekly or monthly.
 The casita has private street access and is in a great area of San Miguel for being in centro in about five minutes walking downhill.  I visited the casita on Friday to photograph it and was really impressed with the space planning, the furnishings and the amenities.  Fully furnished with upscale furnishings, TV, full kitchen
on demand water heater, a gas log fireplace along with other heaters, I thought hmmmm, I think I want to live here!
 Not only are the furnishings upscale, a desk for writing or whatever is placed in the livingroom where natural light is available.  Below is the kitchen which was custom built not that long ago.  Well planned and
 Small and efficient, the bathroom is steps from the living room and bedroom.  Complete with shower, toilet and sink with storage.
Looking from the living room toward the well sized bedroom, one is looking toward the garden space with a koi pond, outdoor table and chairs.  
 The bedroom provides lots of natural light along with a queen sized bed with a heated mattress pad and warm comforter.
 Another desk, or dressing table is included with great lighting and storage.  This house is well thought out.

 No charge for free petting of Daisy the black dog along with the cutie below.  There's a cat somewhere as well, but I never saw it.   They all live in the big house but are open to visiting from time to time!
 The outdoor space is lovely and provides the sound of a waterfall which empties into the koi pond!
The house rents weekly or monthly.  Weekly for December and January (our high season) it rents for $500 a week.  From April 15th until September 30th the price drops to $300 a week, or for a five month lease, from April 15th - September 30th it would be $800 a month.  Everything is included, utlities, Shaw satellite TV, wifi, maid once a week and a purified water system not to mention linens, dishes and pots and pans.

For additional information, please contact  

Quietly Searching for Beauty

It has been one heck of a ten days!  The amount of time since I wrote the last post.  It is a good thing we cannot see the future.  I think many of us would just curl up into a ball.......and hide.

On the fourth of November,  a lovely lady who reads the blog, secured the lease for Casita Tranquila!  Less then twenty four hours after I posted the photos.  Several other people were interested as well.  It was an eye opening experience.  Through this past week, I've heard from many in emails asking for help in how to move to Mexico and how to find a place to live!  The next post that I will write will be about a "tiny" casita that a friend of mine is leasing.  I saw it on Friday and despite its size, it is very, very well thought out and has many wonderful qualities.

To be honest, I hardly remember what happened from Friday the 3rd until Tuesday the 8th.  It was a day of
great anticipation.  It was finally here.  Thankfully, I thought.  No more rude pundits and prognosticators.  Enough already. 

Just about the time that I was heading to a Viewing Party at a dear friend's house, it started pouring rain.
When I arrived, kiddingly I said, "I hope this isn't an omen".  Everyone said "shhhhh".  Oh my.  Shock
is an understatement at the feelings of all of us as we quietly left about 9:30PM.......quite early.

Waking in the middle of the night, it felt like I have felt in the past when a dear friend or family member  has died.  I hoped it was a bad dream and not true.  Waking to the light of day........and continuing rain and cold......I knew it  was  not a bad dream, but reality.

My way of dealing with grief and shock is to hunker down, not leave the house, and attempt to process
what has happened.  With the continuing rain and cold and darkness fittingly matching my mood, it was
easy to hunker down.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but I feel like democracy died with this election and all the hopes for a better America
for all hangs tenuously in the hands of those who are not empathetic and compassionate.  I so so hope that
I am wrong.
After seeing an interview in West Virginia this morning on CBS Sunday Morning with former coal miners, my heart was saddened by the people expecting the president elect to save them.  I so hope they are correct, as their lives seem to hang in the balance.  I could write a lot more about why I don't think that will happen but
I doubt you want to hear my thoughts on that subject.

So, when reflecting and recovering I search for beauty.  This moth on the wall on the roof terrace staggered me with its beauty.  I got as close as I thought possible to look at it quietly.  The colors, the simplicity, and
its aerodynamic shape reminded me that nature and the world itself can be perfect in their creation.  Literally, I sat and watched this moth for over an hour in awe.
The touching gestures I see in San Miguel that are so poignant always lift my heart.  This cross is built into a wall down the hill from my house.  Here someone has tucked a flower in the crack in the cross.  How lovely. A random act of kindness.
Then quite suddenly three things happened in the garden.  A sign, I think.  This night blooming cereus burst into bloom. Quite unusual for this time of the year.  Also blooming quite profusely is the poinsettia tree  and
one lone butterfly lily in Jennifer's garden. Again, at an odd time of the year.  What a gift, truly.

My point, of course, is yes we have to be vigilant and not give up on the United States or the people who need us.  We have to get back into being proactive, but we still have to remember the beauty surrounding us and the kindness and thoughtfulness not only of friends but total strangers.  It is ALL still there for us to be aware of at this time.


Thursday, November 03, 2016

Casita Tranquila Available for Long Term Rental - Immediately

Life can change in an instant!  It happened, unfortunately, for the lovely lady living in the guest house at present.  She hurt her knee badly while traveling and now has to return to the USA for surgery, physical
therapy and all that stuff.  She just made the decision a couple of days ago that she can not use stairs,
period, not even the few to enter the guest house much less the flight to the second floor. She tried to make it work for two weeks. Therefore she is moving immediately.

I hate to see her go but I need to find another suitable person to live at Casa Tranquila, hopefully for a minimum of one year or forever!  ha.......

The house is a one bedroom (16 ft x 20 ft), one bath two story house with lots of light from windows and free standing.  It is located in a quiet colonia and seldom are there the sounds of fireworks, barking dogs or the things that are typical in Mexico.  Very few cars even come down the street!

It is surrounded by lush gardens and also has a lovely roof terrace on the third floor for dining, sunbathing or enjoying the unparalleled views of the canyon and mountains.  It is a five minute walk, down hill to the Ramirez market for fresh fruits, vegetables and artesan items, restaurants, etc and another five minutes to the main jardin and Parroquia.  

 As you enter the front double doors, the open concept living room dining room and kitchen are on the
first floor.  The suede covered sofa opens into a queen bed for guests and the coffee table is on rollers
to make it easy to move when necessary.
 The kitchen has pots, pans, dishes, etc.  Everything you need to live here.  All you really need is to
bring your personal clothing and belongings!
 Other things provided are Shaw satellite TV, internet, landline phone,  once a week maid service and utilities are paid in the rental amount of $850USD a month. Bottled water and laundry service is the only out of pocket expense.
 The house is a little over 1000 sq ft but because of the windows and the space planning it feels much
larger.  The interior of the house was freshly painted about six months ago.
 The architectural details of some stone wall areas are lovely and add to the Mexican character of the house.
 There are two gas heaters that can be rolled around as the tanks are stored on the back of the unit.  They keep the house comfortable in the two cold months of December and January - well, cold months to me.
People from up North do not find it that cold.

 These are the stairs to the second floor and the bedroom and bathroom.  The bedroom is so big it feels like a den/bedroom!  Many people have used it that way or set up a small office or whatever.
 The queen bed is extremely comfortable.  All linens are provided.  There are two closets in the bedroom.  The one in this photo and another one tucked around the corner near the bathroom.  Both are good size.
 There is additional storage in the dresser and the chest of drawers along with another two drawer chest that is in the closet.  The French doors open to a balcony which provides lovely seating to enjoy the gardens below and the views of the surroundings.

 The bathroom has a sink, commode and a large shower.  No tub, but few homes have tubs in Mexico in order to conserve water.  I've been told the shower head is wonderful.  Plenty of hot water as well.

There are many more photos to see on the blog of previous posts.  If you go to the Search box you can put in Casa Tranquila and see all of them.  Somewhere on my computer are photos of the roof terrace and the views, also of the front of the house which gives you an idea of the size of it all,  but for some reason I cannot find them right now.

The house is available for viewing.  It seldom is available and rents quickly as it is priced below market and with the good furnishings and accessories is appreciated by viewers.

In order to lease the house, the first and last month payment are required along with the security deposit for a total of $2,550 USD.  Sorry, no smokers and pets are discussed on a case by case basis.

If interested, please contact me at or by phone in San Miguel at 415 152-8375.  If calling from the USA, I have a Vonage of 713 589-2721 and you can leave a message if
I'm not here and I will return your call.

Hope to hear from you!