Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Silk Remembrance in Hand from The Great War

No medals or photos do I have, but delightfully, I do have a silk, tiny light blue handkerchief that my grandfather William Markley brought back from The Great War, or World War I, as we now call it.

It is faded although it has been kept in a box by me for at least forty years since my mother gave  her collection of handkerchiefs along with this treasure to me.

The treasure part is not the value of it in dollar terms, but the  possibilities and wondering what
the story was as to how my Grandfather was able to secure such a delicate item to bring to my grandmother along with the fact that it has survived. 

The handkerchief is soft,  light blue silk surrounded by beautiful lace and says Souvenir de France.  It is a wonder that it has survived 100 years! 

It would be a treat to share a photo with you, but I still do not have the cable that was ordered from
Amazon.  The cable will connect my camera to the computer and I'll be able to post photos again.
Word via email came late on Friday that it is in San Miguel.  Therefore, I'll pick it up on Monday and share a belated photo with you.

Back to my grandfather.  We only met once.  He lived in Arizona and was born in Farmington, New Mexico. In fact, his family had the first Navajo Trading Post. This fact was not known to me until a trip to Gallup, New Mexico for the Intertribal ceremonies and traveling on to Durango, Colo. A stop in Farmington at a museum was a grand surprise.  There in the museum was a replica of the Markley Trading Post.                                                                                                                                   

 Although he and my grandmother had  been divorced since my mother was about ten, he came for my grandmother's funeral in Shreveport, La.  It was a brief visit with no chance for conversation that I can remember.  I was a young teen, fourteen years old, according to the Family Bible.

Also, in that Bible, it says that my grandfather and grandmother married in 1908, so this could have been a "love" gift from him to her when he returned.  Who knows?  But, that is the intriguing part.

Looking at this small piece of silk cloth, there are a million possibilities of what the story is about this small token of love and hundred years ago.

On this anniversary of the armistice of World War I, my thoughts also go to all the relatives, my father, uncles, brother and husband, among others who have fought during other times of war.  IF only there would be no more wars and we could all live in peace and harmony.  Imagine!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Life is a Gift but it has Diminishing Returns"

The title is a quote from Eric Idle.  He is the Monty Python Merry Prankster.  I have never seen Monty Python or heard of Mr. Idle, but his  quote in, of all things, the AARP Bulletin, has resonated with me for many days.

Confession time.  Seldom in the past have I read this publication.  It would arrive and it seemed I
was always too busy to read it.  Hence, I would set it on the stack of other publications until I would
then throw them away after a while - never read!

Well, I'm here to tell you that this issue was all about voting and I read it from cover to cover.  It would not be possible to quote off the top of my head from any of the other articles, but this one
has made me chuckle and ruminate on another comment made by the author.

A paragraph began "It's not about you anymore.  You don't matter.  And that takes the pressure off of having to be successful or earn a lot of money."  Wowza, that stopped me in my tracks.  Never have I thought of this time in my life from that angle.  He goes on to say, "You're at the edge of your life at every moment. And as you get older, it's become more imperative to appreciate that."

Amen and hallelujah.  Someone put into words the feelings that have been floating around in my head for the last year and a half.

Guess it is time to kick up our heels and to do whatever we want or go wherever we want because we are at some point on the precipice of extinction.  A very liberating thought, don't you think?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Silence is Golden

In the past, many friends who lived on the outskirts of San Miguel would talk about how quiet it was where they lived.  I had sort of a ho-hum attitude about that because I thought where I lived was extremely quiet. 

Well, it used to be, before they started the construction of the Aqua Hotel using jackhammers, bulldozers and other assorted noise making equipment.  Add to that the new street, called Cuahtemoc, which used to be a dirt walking path.  It abuts the bedroom wall of my now "previous" home.  The point is, it came in increments along with the new pavilion and the fact that someone discovered that sending off the fireworks from right behind the house caused an echo effect.  The worst, literally, in eighteen years, was my last night in the house before the movers came at O-dark-thirty the next morning.  Every thirty minutes, starting at 9:30PM to the point that at about 3:30AM, I opened the door and yelled "Alto".  Never had I done such a thing before.  It was a waste of breath as in about five more minutes more went off and shook the house.

Reluctantly I moved to the outskirts, truly.  I was not sure what to expect but what I did not expect was the absolute silence, with the exception of birds during the day, that I have experienced in the almost three weeks that I have been here.  The first night I could not sleep.  It was SO quiet.  All I could hear was the refrigerator going on and off on the other side of the house in the kitchen! 

It is an unexpected gift.  A welcome one that I did not even know I wanted or needed.
I do believe that I have finally found my "retirement" home!  That may sound strange to most of you.  After all, I have not "worked" since I came to San Miguel.  But, au contraire.  There were so many things to take care of, everything, for both houses including paying all the bills for utilities and everything along with maintenance and more.  NOW, I have nothing.  Nada.  It is ALL taken care of.
I'm ecstatic.

Not only about that, but about the house itself.  It has twelve foot ceilings which give a "loft" feel to the space.  Huge floor to ceiling windows in each room which gives spectacular views of the yard, the trees and the wildlife.  No, the wildlife does not include the resident skunk from before or the coatamundi or the feral cats.  But, I'm happy to report a squirrel or two, doves galore, hummingbirds flitting everywhere and other birds that I have not yet identified.  Oh yes, and egrets were dancing on the skylights the other night.  No way I could imagine what the sound was, until I looked up in surprise.

The neighbor who lives on the second floor is a delight.  So quiet and thoughtful.  He's a computer geek, his expression, not mine.  I forget he is up there because he makes not a sound, at all.

Can you sense my joy, in every word?  It is because I was so worried that I might be making a mistake.  I can categorically tell you, it is all good, no mistake.

The inside is just about ready to photograph.  Art is being hung tomorrow evening.  Something I can no longer do - climbing on a ladder, darn.  I'll share photos when it is ready.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me during my angst and exhaustion of the marathon move.  It did help temendously.  Thankfully that is over and now we can go on to more fun adventures and posts on more interesting topics. 


Sunday, September 23, 2018

The "Last Gasp" on the Hill

It occurred to me that since I have no idea when the satellite is turned off and my computer is disconnected, how long it will be before I'm able to communicate with the world again.  Better
get a post off before that occurs.

So here it is.  The twenty one days of appointments to sell furniture is over.  The HUGE sale yesterday was very successful and the door to the guest house is closed and locked until after the move on Tuesday.  Then I'll address the left over art, linens, books and a few more little items.
I'll get a charity over here to pick it all up by the weekend or whatever.

Then it will be a "forward looking" operation.

Someone will enjoy the fruits of my labors in my gardening endeavors.  It was fun while it lasted.

There were so many people at the sale yesterday and as always, some memorable moments.  The grown children who were age 7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 when I moved in came to see me.  Their Mom was at work but they wanted to buy furniture and other assorted items.  They did.  Then we sat and talked about all the kites I used to bring them from Texas so they did not have to use garbage bags to make kites.  I was thrilled that they remembered.  The oldest, now 25, remembered all the little toys that I used to bring back and then we would sit on the curb and play.  Must admit, I got choked up while talking to them.  The kids lost their dad to cancer about five years ago. One of the finest families that I have ever had the privilege to know.  I'll miss them.

So many stories, so little time.

See you on down the road, or to be more exact, on the other side of San Miguel!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A "Bunch" of Bloggers

What happens when more then one or two bloggers get together?  More fun then a barrel of monkeys.

It happened a couple of weeks ago when Steve of Mexpatriate fame who lives in Barra de Navidad was here in San Miguel for a month.

We gathered with  Billie of Reservations for One along with Al of Rancho Santa Clara and his husband Stew, myself and Steve.

A recording of the conversation would have been a hoot.  We covered so many topics of conversation that my head spins just thinking about it.
You CAN click on the photo if you want to see us up close......  Left to right, in the photo is Steve, Stew, yours truly, Billie standing and last but certainly not least Al.

I think we have all "known" each other for about fifteen years.  Billie and I perhaps longer.  It is like
"Old Home Week" when we can gather together as we did that Sunday. 

Our delicious luncheon meal turned into at least two hours of laughter and conversation.  It is an interesting phenomena to meet  people who write posts and compare notes.  It is also fascinating that
each blog writer has his or her own style. 

All I can say is it sure was delightful to see these friends and to giggle and laugh along with discussing  all the funny and interesting topics that crossed our minds.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

On the Downhill Side - Literally!

When I move to the Fracciomento, Los Frailes, I will be about 400 ft lower in elevation!  So, literally,
I am going down hill.

It has been an interesting, stressful and exhausting fifteen days of packing and staging everything for the GRAND sale that has been going on every day except Sundays since the first of the month.

Everything has been done by appointment so that I'm not inundated with people which I could not
handle alone.

Thankfully two magnificent friends came one day and one labeled everything (and I do mean everything) in both houses while another came that afternoon to price things.  I had already made
a price list of the BIG furniture items, but there is so much more then that.

It was not apparent to me that there is so much art, books, decorative items like Mexican folkart, dishes, kitchen stuff and still drapes and curtains.  On the Civil List I mentioned that I had ceiling fans to sell and was totally shocked at the outpouring of people who wanted a ceiling fan!  Who knew?  Problem is, I don't have anyone to take them down, so I have put that scenario on hold until I find someone to do that.

It is a great sociological study to see what people buy or don't buy even though that was what they initially say they are coming for.........People are fascinating.

I've met several people who live in the area where I am going - the hinterlands.  But, it gives me a
small glimmer of hope that all will be well.

One of the most unexpected experiences has been nearly everyone who has come to the sale exclaims about the gardens and wanders around enjoying the beauty.  Others exclaim about the house with the stone walls and arches.  Others exclaim about the views.  Most ask "Why are you leaving such a beautiful place?"  To put it mildly, that has not helped my psyche.  But, I'm pushing myself downhill.

Here are some of the things still here for the sale.  There will be a public sale on September 22nd from 10AM til 2PM.  Then whatever is left, if worth it, will go to a consignment store or to Alma, who has a large sale once a month to fund the Old People's Home here in San Miguel.

                                                                                                                2 barstools SOLD

And, a few more things that I'm surprised have not sold as yet.  Three more shopping days before the Public sale.  To come and buy, email me at for appointment Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday..............of this coming week.

                                                                                                                          Coffee Table SOLD

I'll either see you up here on the hill or "down the road" after September.  Happy  Trails!

Sunday, September 02, 2018

HUGE San Miguel de Allende Furniture and all Furnishings Sale NOW - By appointment ONLY

A herculean task has been completed.  All the items for the giant sale of two houses furnishings have been labeled and priced.  From a sectional sofa down to extra silverware to all kinds of kitschy and needed items have a label and a price.  To me, it is truly amazing.  Two thousand square feet of stuff.

Here are some of the items that I have photographed:

 Custom pine armoire from Patzcuaro.  Place for TV (which is for sale) and drawers for clothes or whatever.  6000 pesos or $300USD.
 Custom made cabinet for storage - Also from Patzcuaro.  6000 pesos or $300USD.

Evos wheat colored sleeper sectional sofa, US made.  SO comfortable.  Can be used in present configuration or split apart.  The chaise could be used in another room and the center piece is the queen bed, which also could be somewhere else.  The sofa under the painting could be used separately.  So someone could furnish many rooms for the price of 30,000 pesos or $1500USD.
Sofa was recently professionally cleaned and is in near perfect condition.  No rips, no stains - only
comfort.   SOLD

Many decorative items.  Come and buy.  Many things are one of a kind and you will never see anything like it again such as the Catrina on the kitchen counter made by the Great Master toy maker, Gumercindo.
                                                           The trunks are great for storage.SOLD
                   Beautifully woven with straw are two barstools, one in red and another in yellow.
       SOLD                    Catrina made by Gumercindo for me.  She will bring a smile to your face.
                                                Paintings from Tonala purchased in the 1980's
 SOLD                    Famous Georgia O'Keefe poster brought from Chimayo, New Mexico
                                 And, an old ox yoke used as a pots and pan holder in the kitchen

These photos are from just one house.  In the other house is a queen size bed, two bedside cabinets with a drawer and cabinet.  An orange chest of drawers and much much more..........

Two televisions, SOLD     two refrigerators SOLD one only six months old.  Drapes, linens, everything you need to set up a kitchen.  Too much to list.  Surely you will find much that you want and need.

Contact me by email at to set up an appointment from now til it is all sold.  Onward!