Wednesday, August 16, 2023

It's about TIME!

After almost a year of not writing, I have decided, at the urging of several people to 

catch you up with what has been going on since my last post in August of last year!


 At that time I was in a "panic mode" trying to find a place to live and from March 

until August it was only possible to see five places that were within my budget,

one story, unfurnished and hopefully had outdoor space.  To me that doesn't seem like a lot

to ask, but indeed it was.  The budget, the one story and outdoor space were the issue.

Also many places were furnished and even though I was ready to sign a multi-year lease,

most would not remove the furniture!


Sheesh, by the end of August with my need to move my the first of October, I was 

definitely freaked out.


The end of September, a very astute and hard working realtor took me to see a one

story place in La Canada which is only about three minutes by car from where I

was currently living.  It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath but not as much square footage as

was in the current residence.  But, it did have outdoor space and the owner was

willing to remove the furniture.  No views, no yard, but the price was right and

it was only about three minutes from my son John and the grand kids.

So, even though it was/is dark and no views, I took the place.  Moving in the first week

of October.  Oy vey!  


Several modifications were done by my "handy dandy" handyman who is worth his weight

in gold, truly!  One was building two handrails and a step down into the "secret garden"

which is adjacent to the two bedrooms on the back of the house and not visible to anyone

but me.  That area is my salvation! 


After seven months of hating it, acceptance has finally been reached.  The thought of moving

again is worse, ha.

 Here are a few photos of the interior and garden area.

It's a little place but it is now semi-comfortable.


John and the kids live about three minutes away by car or five minutes if walking which they 

do from time to time.  BUT, now that Mati and Seb are growing up and have social lives,

I sure don't see them as often as I would like to.......... 

Here are a few photos of all of them!

This photo of Seb was taken when I was staying with them for ten days after a four day hospital stay!

Mati is now in high school!  And Seb has become the Chef de Cuisine around the house!

John is still in real estate. And even though he has been at it a long time and San Miguel is

growing, there are now close to 300 real estate agents in SMA!!!  He is still with CDR

San Miguel and if interested or looking for a house or investments, give him a call at

52  415 - 124-4755.  The 52 is if calling from the USA.  If local drop the 52.

Being a single Dad keeps John busy, busy, busy!  I remember being a single Mom

with three teenagers and felt like I was running a taxi service.  Add to that the cost

of private education and it is a roller coaster ride for him.

Here are a couple of photos of Thanksgiving last year when John cooked the entire meal.  WE

all love that he loves to do that meal and oh, my it is so good.!

No, I haven't been to the USA for five years now!  A scheduled ride to Texas was

planned but "the best laid plans of mice and men" were torn asunder when I ended

up, amazingly, in the hospital with blood clots in my lungs!  No one was more

amazed then I.  It was a very expensive experience since Medicare doesn't cover

expenses outside the USA.  Four thousand dollars for four days has knocked me for

a loop since it all had to be paid before I left the hospital.....Wowza!

Recovery from that shock plus different meds that are very expensive have led to

a four month recovery period, physically and financially.  Hopefully it is nearly over  - the meds 


And hopefully it will be possible for me to go to Texas in the Fall for an extended

visit with family and friends.   

It will be an interesting adventure as my means of transportation now are via walker, 

wheelchair and/or cane.  Yup, the Universe decided it was time to "slow me down".

Soooooo, I don't get out much and don't get to see friends very often but somehow,

thanks to the computer, the cellphone and intrepid friends who come to get me from

time to time, life is okay.

How about you?  Many of you have read this blog from the very beginning.  It's wonderful

to stay in touch with many of you but there are some I don't hear from.  If you happen

to be reading this, hopefully, please let me hear from you.

To bring this to an end, I won't promise that I will write as frequently as I used to but

I do promise to write more often.

Take care........and hopefully I'll see you on down the road!



Carolyn Elam said...

I love your new place, especially the enclosed patio. You can make any place warm and welcoming.

Anonymous said...


Brasher said...

Oh how I wish I could visit you and bring all memories to mind!! What fun, laughs, friends we share!!

Babs said...

Carolyn and "Anonymous", thanks so much. Since I
am here all the time, it needs to be warm and welcoming
for me, ha.

Brasher, how wonderful to hear from you!!! You are one
of my "longest" friends (I won't say oldest, ha). Ahh
the great times we had in high school, Castor Plunge,
drag races, etc etc etc. Maybe when I get to Texas
this fall we can figure out a way to get together. Shawsey
wants to get together too!!!And, maybe Jackie could come
from Alex...Wowza!!!

Christine Barrely said...

Hi Barbara,
Never met you but always loved to read you. Your little place looks just like what I know of you, colorful, imaginative and cosy. Sorry to hear of your health worries. Still hoping to come back to SMA and meet you at last. Friendly yours. Christine from France.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to find you back here! You carry on with such style! It appears you've shined your light into a dark place and made it glow. Thanks for starting my morning off with a warm fuzzy and a smile. Abrazos, Barbara Lane

Retired Teacher said...

Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your new home (it looks lovely). Sorry to hear about the medical issues, but fortunately you are doing better now. After I have finally settled into my permanent residence in Mexico City, I hope to take a little trip to San Miguel to say hello. It's been a long time.

Nancy said...

Babs, I’m so glad you are blogging again, and I love your make it work attitude. xoxo

Babs said...

Gosh, it's so wonderful to hear from each and every one of you. It restores my faith in knowing that I'm not alone in this walk forward.
Christine, hopefully you WILL be here one day. Please hurry!
Barbara, if it weren't for the blog we would never have
met and you so enrich my life.
Bill, I'm thrilled that you are settled in CDMX!!! What
a journey it has been. Looking forward to seeing you in SMA!
And Nancy, oh my, we have been blogger friends for a long,
long time! But, you ARE getting closer to SMA and hopefully
you will come for a visit some time.........

Lila Kaplan said...

Hi Barbara,

I was so sorry to hear of your severe medical problem. Hope you are doing much, much better. The 'golden years" are not for the weak! And you are such a wonderful and strong person and have always handled life so well. Please know that although we haven't been in touch very much, I think of you often and of course, wish you all the best. I so much enjoy seeing the pics you post, especially of John and his beautiful kids. Please give him my love, too. I remember him well from years ago -- what a fine man, now. I also love the picture of Christopher, Jennifer's son and was glad to hear he is doing well.

I, too, have had physical problems -- dialysis three days a week, COPD, and I was in the hospital for two weeks with an intestinal abscess. After coming home, it was a liquid diet for 2 months. Not fun. But that's life and I'm glad to be here and see my two grandsons, 13 and 14. No pains, no aches at all when I am with them. They are such a joy. But I know, too, that they will become busier with their own lives. I am just so grateful to have them.

Barbara, please know that you have more people who love you than you may realize.


Dana Hill said...

Great to hear/read about your "new" life, Barbara, and even better to know you've landed on your feet, so to speak. Hope your health is back on an even keel, and well, finances are always what they are. You'll make it, I know. I feel a little like an old friend is back, even though we haven't met in person! Look forward to hearing more when you can...Dana in Oakland CA

Babs said...

Lila and Dana - I apologize for just now answering your posts. I forgot to check to see if there were more comments. In the past the comments posted on my computer, but now I have to check the blog.....
Lila, we have been such long time friends. I think John was 5 months old when we met at LSU and he will turn 60 in December! So so sorry to hear of your health issues. I'm thrilled to hear you have two grandsons!!! They are close to Mati and Seb's age. Love you so much. I think you would be amazed at my "command" of the Spanish language........(others think I have none but I do). Of course Spanish is Mati and Seb's first language so to hear them speak is a true joy. (They speak English too very well)

Dana - Great to hear from you. Glad to see you are still in Oakland. Things are better since I wrote this post. Slowly but surely, ha. Thanks for writing.