Saturday, July 02, 2016

Shaking my disbelief and wonder!

The saga has been going on for about six weeks.  The "water man" from Aqua Bell has stopped coming on Tuesday and Thursday to deliver large five gallon jugs of water for both houses.  I really like Aqua Bell because they creatively have put a spigot in the bottle so one does not have to flip the bottle over and use a pump for fresh drinking water.  The bottles are very heavy and it takes all my strength to pick them up from where they are stored to the top of the counter for every day use.

Usually I use the water only for coffee and drinking water.  Therefore, each large bottle lasts about one and a half weeks.  I keep two so if I run out before the man comes there is always the backup.  Circumstances were this week that there was barely any backup left to use.

Always, for people who deliver to the house, the laundry lady, the water man and others, I always ask for their cell phone number rather then calling a general number which may nor may not pass on the message.

Josefina, the housekeeper, called the "water man""on Wednesday and expressed my distress over the aqua
situation.  I've learned if there is a lot to say with a back and forth conversation, it is better to have Josefina to call.  The water man told Josefina that he no longer delivers water!  We tried calling the general office number with the end result being, no answer!  Of course, neither she nor I thought to ask if there was another man delivering water..........

I found the phone number of the company who I used when I first moved here eons ago and had planned to have Josefina call them on Monday to set up a new account to have water delivered.

Much to my amazement, this morning, I heard the doorbell ring and "AQUA" being shouted.  To say that I ran up the stairs heading for the door, would be an understatement.  I did not want him to leave before I
could get to the gate.

There stood, not the former driver who no longer delivers, but his former helper with an Aqua Bell truck and water!  He brought the big jug in and put it where it goes, I paid him and he left.  All the time I was grinning inside about the whole thing.

We conversed and settled on the fact that he will come on Saturday each week rather then twice a week.
Now we'll see if that happens.  No, I did not get his cell phone number, darn.

But truly, since this happened about an hour a go, I've been shaking my head and smiling at the fact that just when you think you have figured things out in Mexico, have established "fail safe" measures, it is all for naught.  Then things like this happen and one just sighs and smiles.

Viva Mexico!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

All is well that ends well! Glad that issue is resolved. Greetings to the gang!

Croft said...

Yes, we have no bananas.

Manuel Dexterity said...

After all these years in Mexico you call agua "aqua"? Dear Lord!

Michael Dickson said...

What Señor Dexterity said.

Aqua indeed. Lordy, lordy, lordy.

But I'm glad you've got your agua, er aqua, again.

Anonymous said...

This story really made me smile. Thanks for posting - and glad it ended well. I am so looking forward to leaving the US and living in Mexico (soon! soon!) so I can rest the right side of my brain :-)

Babs said...

Hi Peter! I'll pass on the message to the "gang" on Monday morning.
Many ask about ya'll as well!

Thanks for commenting Manuel Dexterity - I did not realize that I misspelled the word. my spelling bee champion instructor is probably turning over in her grave.

I used to misspell jardin as well and finally stopped that. I guess I'll never be perfect. ha..........

Thankfully, no bananas!

Mountain Woman - I ALWAYS sigh upon returning HOME to this joyful place where there are no "politically correct" or pretentious people - ah, maybe one or two.

Retired Teacher said...

Glad you got your "agua" problem resolved. It sure beats going to the store almost daily and lugging back to the apartment some smaller bottles!

Babs said...

Indeed! I also learned that I've been spelling agua incorrectly thanks to TWO people correcting me. Good to know. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Every time I head south from the US, the atmosphere feels lighter. Every time I head north, it's like being dropped into a pressure cooker.

Joy, absolutely - along with a different texture, colors, the consistent inconsistencies and unpredictability.

I've just rented a house long term in Cieneguita. Reading back through your blog has not only been fun but helped me learn a lot about this part of the world before I landed here. Including the proper spelling of agua :-)

Eleanor Martinez

Babs said...

Welcome Eleanor - I hope that Mexico will be all that you have thought it would be....and more! I love your phrase "consistent inconsistencies". So true.

Hopefully we'll connect some day once you're settled.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I look forward to that possibility of connecting. Best wishes, Babs.

Steve Cotton said...

I used to say: Live and learn. I now say: Live and learn it all over again.

Toni said...

Agua Bell!!! I too have been mourning their demise and schlepping small bottles of water home from Oxxo. Could you send them to me too? I'll be your best friend forever. I'm in #33 at Chelo's.

May you be blessed with 9 thousand sons. Oh wait, that might be a curse. Never mind.

Thank you, thank you.


Babs said...

Well, Toni, I"ll try. Send your street address to me at
I'll also try to get his cell phone # the next time I see the driver!

PLEASE don't send me 9 thousand sons........ha. The one I have is so special, that I don't want to take any chances on any others.