Friday, June 20, 2014

New Kids on the Block.....oops, Blog

It's been quite a while since I mentioned newcomers to the blogroll.  I'm so enjoying each and every addition that, if you haven't noticed, wander over there and check them out.  It's the list on the right side of the blog page with their names in the order of the most recent post.

Here are some of the ones I've added and read every time they post!

Travels of a Retired Teacher - Avid traveler who posts wonderful photographs and stories of his travels.
Curious Places - No dialog but photos of amazing places, worldwide.  The latest is a place in Brooklyn!
Winnie Views - A woman and her dog, Millie traveled to Mexico in her mini-Winnebago.  I don't even remember how I found this blog, but for any rving person, her information is very good as are her posts.
dondayinsma - A blog about food and restaurants in San Miguel.  He's a good writer with a great sense of humor.
Post Cards from San Antonio - A wide range of subjects that are always interesting.
Vagabon & Dave - Former sailors who are now travelers to "off the beaten track" places.  Fascinating with magnificent photographs.
Mexico City - An Opinionated Guide - A great guide to what to do and see in DF.

Hopefully I didn't miss any of the newbies.

Several of the writers of these blogs have commented on how their readership has increased.  Since Babsblog has over 30,000 readers a month now, I'm glad to highlight some other blogs that are a delight.



Peter and Shelagh said...

I have a huge blogroll from all parts of the world. One of my feel good blogs is called Bob and Sophies French Adventure. Two Polish lowland sheepdogs living in a tiny part of France. The story begins 18 months ago with the arrival of the pups after having lost their predecessors years before. He his observations are wonderful in a witty way. Enjoy.
Thanks again for sharing San Miguel with us,our daily stop too!
Cheers, Shelagh

Peter and Shelagh said...
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Babs said...

Hi Peter and Shelagh - I'll look at your blogroll and find that blog. Sounds enchanting. Thanks for stopping by daily. I guess I better write more often!

Babs said...

Peter and Shelagh - I misunderstood and thought you had a blog. I tried to find the blog Bob and Sophie's French Adventure, but nothing came up. Can you send me the website address? Thanks.

Peter and Shelagh said...

They are away right now, but his daily writings are so sweet. They original story was rather heartbreaking, his sidebar comments outline it. Enjoy.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Thanks for the "shout out" Barbara! I stumbled across your blog when I was researching for my first Winter in Mexico last Fall. Your info was (and continues to be!) extremely helpful!

Glad my "sun and sand" pics from Mazatlan helped warm up some of your cold SMA days last Winter.

I'm not sure where I'll end up in Mexico this coming Winter, but hope we eventually will cross paths in-person!

Babs said...

Lynne look forward to meeting you and Millie whenever you're in this neck of the woods!

Shannon said...

Thanks Barbara, I always look forward to reading new and interesting blogs!

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon - I hope you'll enjoy all of them as much as I do!

Barbara Lane said...

Oh my! Thank you soooooo much for the links. I've just spent a bit over 3 hours (!) reading dondayinsma - I went back and read every post!

What a GREAT find! I can't recall ever being so excited about a blog since...well...since I found yours. Yes. YOU have taught me so much about my beloved city, and I've been with you since the beginning. You are appreciated more than you could ever know.

Now I must go tell Don how much I enjoy his posts but had to thank you first.

Being a "foodie" I'm in heaven!


(formerly Barbara "at Dean's)

Babs said...

Barbara, you've made my day! Thanks so much for letting me know how much you enjoy donday. You realize probably that donday is a play on the word Donde? Very clever. He and I have communicated and will get together when he returns from Canada this fall. I too enjoy his writing, a lot.

Anonymous said...

Babs - Always enjoy keeping up with San Miguel de Allende through you, and thanks for tolerating my random ramblings....

Retired Teacher said...

Thanks so much for the additional "plug" for my blog. When I look at my statistics I always find your blog listed as a traffic source of my visitors.
Muchas gracias!!

Babs said...

Postcards and Bill, Retired Teacher - I'm happy to pay it forward! Love to read both of you!

Kelly Marie said...
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Kelly Marie said...
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Kelly Marie said...

I have been looking for house sitting positions in SMA and Oaxaca. I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta, but the heat and humidity could be too much. In seeking a place in Mexico to live, I would like to get ideas from you on where to post for possible house sitting positions in SMA. Also looking for ideas of which areas to stay/rent/buy and which areas to avoid.

In following your blog, I see that it could truly be the place for me. I will look up the other blogs that you recently mentioned, and start following them also.

I do need help with my own blog also. Thanks!
Red cowboy boots for you if I get to SMA!

Babs said...

Hi Kelly Marie - Thanks for your comments.
San Miguel is a very compact, walkable town. There really aren't any "bad" places to live in my opinion. It's more about what you want such as views or close proximity to night life or restaurants or whatever. So I suggest to everyone that they rent a place for a month or two and discover that for themselves.
Finding house sitting is hard because there are so many people who would like to do so. There is Craigslist and the Atencion newspaper for starters. Hope you get here and check it out at some point. Look forward to meeting you.

Kelly Marie said...

What about a good rental site for 1-4 weeks. Just to see the town? Is one week enough to get a feel for the city?

Babs said...

I think 10 days would be better then just one week. There is the adjustment to the altitude and if you're going to spend the money to fly here, why not enjoy?
There is VRBO for house rentals and there is for other accommodations. The Quinta Loreto is a great, though not fancy, little hotel right near the artesan's market and within blocks of the jardin that is a great place to stay. Look for it on the hotel site. It's around $50USD per night. Lots of expats stay there. Good luck.