Saturday, June 21, 2014

Waking to this Sight!

Waking to the sound of "whoosh", I always know that there is a hot air balloon nearby.  They like to dip down into the canyon and when they come back up often they are as low as 50 to 100 ft above my downstairs garden.

Something about that "whoosh" propels me from bed.  I grab for my robe and camera as I scamper up three flights of stairs to the roof terrace.  Now, its not as though I haven't seen the hot air balloons many times in the past, but for some reason, each time is magical.  Absolutely so.

Imagine my surprise last Saturday morning when this was the sight that was before me! Thrilled is an understatement.  I photographed and photographed like a giddy teenager.  Never before had there been
three balloons.  Yes, in the past at NASA I've seen many many balloons, but not here in Mexico.

The other thing about this photo are the low lying clouds that somewhat obscure the mountain range in the distance.  Also the way the light hits Colonia Independencia in the distance.  This photo shows how only twenty blocks from the jardin, one is on undeveloped land as you can see in front of Colonia Independencia.

No balloons this morning.  We've had rain since Tuesday.  When I say RAIN, I mean RAIN.  In four days a little over five inches at my house!  Woo hoo.  I would imagine that the balloon man didn't want to take a chance this morning since the forecast doesn't even say "Chance of thunderstorm".  It simply says "Rain" - 100%.


redshoesarebetterthanbacon said...

Those hot air balloons need to fly over the countryside -- not Centro. In Centro, they fly too damn close for the safety of those on the ground. They're an accident waiting to happen, and when it does, it's going to be tragic.

Steve Cotton said...

Is that a small airplane or an ultralight to the left of the balloons?

Babs said...

Jennifer, they stay on the outskirts of town as shown here. They take off at the end of Calzada de Aurora and land in a field over there on big open land.

Steve, that's an ultralight.

Shannon said...

They fill the balloons on the football field behind out house and I love to wake up to that "whoosh" as well. We should go to the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Leon together, it would be great fun!

Babs said...

Shannon - THAT would be fun and interesting.

redshoesarebetterthanbacon said...

Babs, the balloons may be on the outskirts in your part of town, but they are dangerously close to the rooftops on Umaran. Way too close for anyone's comfort.