Thursday, June 19, 2014

Question of the Day - WHERE Do Hummingbirds Go When It Rains?

 Yesterday, the candelabra plant was literally bombarded by hummingbirds.  At one point, they were dive bombing each other so they could get to this plant as well as the bougainvillaea which has finally returned to blooming. 
Even when I wasn't looking out the window or door at them, I knew when they were there by the clicking sound that they make.

There were all kinds of colors.  One with a white breast, another with an iridescent green breast and the other more common ones.  At one point I counted six hummers doing just that in the downstairs patio garden.

This morning I decided to get the camera out in preparation of photographing them after the rains had stopped.  As I watched them yesterday, it was interesting to see how long they went from bloom to bloom on the candelabra plant so I figured, based on that observation that I could open the screen door, step out and still get photos.

Not one sighting today so far.  It's almost 11AM.  It makes me wonder if they knew it was going to rain so they stored up nectar yesterday and are hiding out somewhere.  But where?

Ok, all of you scientific and knowledgeable readers, tell me, Where do hummingbirds go when it rains?


Sissy said...

Babs, they sit on a twig under a leaf, of course. Ha ha. Beautiful blooms you have there.

Babs said...

It's now 3PM Sissy and I haven't seen a single hummingbird today! VERY interesting.........Thanks for the compliment about the garden.

Ron Stephens said...

Beats me....

Babs said...

Darn Ron. I was counting on you to give me the answer! As always...ha