Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Virgen is Everywhere!

This morning, early, I was driving on the road to Celaya.  I came over a hill and could see a huge parade of people walking toward San Miguel.  At the back of the procession there were horsemen and dogs. It was about a quarter of a mile long, if not longer.

At the head of the procession was a pickup truck and a contingent carrying a HUGE banner of the Virgen of Guadalupe.  I presume they were proceeding to the Parroquia across from the jardin.

As I drove across town to go to Celaya there were flowers and statues in doorways.  As I went down Canal where the unofficial official cantera statue of the Virgen is, a sea of flowers surrounded her.

Coming home I got tangled in the traffic near the San Juan de Dios market.  Some men were carrying a large statue of the Virgen into the market! 

She is everywhere - as well she should be!

No one can deny that Mexico lives its religion.  It definitely is not about spending an hour in church on Sunday.  It's something every day and every night.

Last night was a prime example.  The Virgen was spending the night in the house next to mine. Six people carrying the statue from somewhere came up the hill on Tuesday carrying her in a large glass fronted box on two long poles.  No music, no bands, no dancers or fireworks.  Just them.   At the time I thought, "I hope that doesn't mean that the fireworks are going to start here".  Oh my, I was SO right
They went on all night and were still going on after daylight this morning. Usually I can sleep through them.  Not this time.  At about midnight I listened to see if they would sing Las Mananitas at the edge of the canyon as they have done in the past.  For the moment there was no sound.  Not even fireworks.

It's all quiet now.  However, who knows what darkness will bring?

As I said, The Virgen is everywhere.
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Calypso said...

"The Virgen is Everywhere!"

Truly amazing - when you go looking for one they are no where to be found. ;-)

Babs said...

Great Comment, Calypso....I've been told this before.

Anonymous said...

You haven't had the Virgen spend the night at your house yet? You have to get on the list, because it's part of the full Mexican experience. Not just hosting a bunch of old ladies saying the rosary, but the magic of it her presence is amazing. Even as a Jewish agnostic.

Babs said...

Jennifer, I had no idea that would be possible! I will check into it. Our Colonia head, I presume, would be the person to contact? Thanks so much for this info!

Anonymous said...

Each neighborhood is different. The list is made up months in advance. There are different groups of church ladies who arrange this at different times of the year. Where I live, the Virgen makse her peregrination, traveling to a pre-ordered set of houses. The Virgen arrives in the late afternoon at one house, everyone sings, she spends the night, and the next day the gathering to say the rosary is held, desser is served (We did agua de jamaica and Costco apple pies.), and then the Virgen travels to the next house on the list. The hostess is expected to make a modest donation toward new clothing for the Virgen. I'm sure I wasn't the first gringo in the 'hood to host her, but I was the first in recent memory -- and the first in ages and ages where the parish priest even attended. A lot of work, I'm glad I did it, but once is enough.

Babs said...

Fascinating Jennifer. Thanks for telling about it and.........your follow up phone call!

Anonymous said...

It seems rarely a day goes by in Mexico without a saint's feast day meriting the ignition of an abundance of firecrackers, but I would think December 12 would be exceptionally loud.

Babs said...

Indeed it was loud, along with the tuba bands and the drums, quite a time which goes on for 9 days prior but builds to the frenzy of the night before and yesterday.

Today is muy tranquilo........

Anonymous said...

St. Viernes.