Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Girl with the Red Dress On

Yesterday was a stellar day.  It had been planned for a couple of weeks.
Matilda was coming to Grammy's house,  so we could go to the Nutcracker.

She didn't know that since she had been here the last time that the Christmas decorations had been put up.  She "oooed and aaahed" over each and every thing.  Believe me, there is a lot.  Then she spied the Nativities set throughout the house.  She deemed that they needed to be rearranged.  First she started with the Nativity purchased in Guatemala.  I had it all spread out with the burros behind the Baby Jesus and various sundry statues scattered.  This would not do, according to Mati. 

Then she tackled the white and gold Nativity that I purchased in Mexico City in 1974 with many sheep, goats and various animals.  Again she rearranged. She was very specific about how they were to be as she told me the Story of the Baby Jesus.

This was the rearranging initially.

This was the completed rearranging.  Everyone and everything surrounding the Baby Jesus for protection.
The interesting thing about her reaction is that when Jessica, who is now 22, was about 3 or 4, she started rearranging the nativity scenes as well.  In the same manner.  Then Christopher, who is now 15, would do the same.  These two grandchildren delighted me with their rearranging.  It seemed natural to me.

Now Matilda comes along and does the same thing.  I wonder if children have a proclivity to protect a small child.  What do you think?  I have no other explanation.  Not that one is actually needed.  However, I do find this interesting.

After we got everything ship shape, according to Matilda, we went downstairs to dress for our visit to the Nutcracker.  I had a new red dress for her along with white tights and new shoes.  The ones that I drove 45 miles to find.  The photo above is her reaction when she could see herself in the
big mirror down the stairs.  Can you tell she is thrilled?

Velcro was thrilled to have Matilda here as well.  She always positions herself where somehow she is going to get petted and purrs so loudly that it is funny.

The Nutcracker performed at the Angela Peralta Theater in San Miguel was an acrobatic,
ballet, highwire performance.  I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like and didn't have particularly high hopes.

Matilda and her little friend Maria were thrilled.  In the first act, before intermission, Matilda literally
didn't move.  She was so enthralled.  Then Maria joined her after intermission and they shared their joy and delight.

The cast was sizeable.  The talent was very good.  The show lasted two hours with dancing, and all kinds of assorted talent.  All performed by Gravity Works.

The show ended with the little girl holding the Nutcracker.  It ended
to a standing ovation of a sold out theater.  A true delight.

Even more delightful was being able to share this with Matilda.

It wasn't over.  We walked across to Tio Lucas restaurant where Max, the owner greeted us.

I've known Max for years but, of course, he had not met Matilda.  We were seated at a white table clothed table with beautiful napkins and silverware.  I showed Matilda how to put her napkin in her lap.

Her response was, "Be sure to tell Daddy that I did this so good, Grammy".  Mati wanted quesadillas while I ordered guacamole along with lemonada for us both.  When Max came over to check to see how we were doing, Matilda in her perfect Spanish told Max that she was only going to eat one quesadilla so she could take the other one home to her brother, Sebastian.  Max asked with a tear in his eye if I knew what she had said.  I reluctantly shook my head.  Then he told me.  He was slightly choked up.  He bowed to Matilda and said that she is welcome in his restaurant at any time.

Matilda thanked him graciously and we were off to head home.  What a day.  What a night.
This is what "Grammy memories" are made of.
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Christine said...

What a fabulous day and evening! Lucky you! Lucky girls!

Babs said...

Indeed. Thanks Christine.

Anonymous said...

What a magical afternoon for your granddaughter! It's evident that she loved her new Christmas outfit.

You know Babs, you ought to do things more often with your grandchildren.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wonderful story, lovely child...

Unknown said...

red shoes are better than bacon -

Your second comment? Totally out of pocket.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful story!


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we wish we could see THAT performance of the Nutcracker.

Anonymous said...

Baby Jesus is fortunate to live in the safe harbor of your home. He spent a rather wild and adventurous residency careening around the house on runaway camels causing sheep and cattle stampedes when our daughter was young....

Babs said...

Jennifer, not sure if you were being facetious or what with the second comment. I see the kids quite a bit now that John has visitation rights again.

Babs said...

Peter, glad you enjoyed the post!

Babs said...

Kim, plan to spend Christmas in San Miguel next year - it is wonderful and we'll go to see the Nutcracker. I promise, NO real snow!

Babs said...

Postcard from San Antonio- Well, you realize that 3 year old, whirling dervish Sebastian hasn't been over here yet. I have a special Nativity set for him that I bought at Mackinaw island of buffalo, a baby wolf, a tepee and the Baby Jesus in a wooden cradle. We'll see what happens........At this point I think it is indestructible......Wild times could insue!

Anonymous said...

I think Jennifer's comment (Redshoesarebetterthanbacon) was tongue in cheek, as those of us who are regular readers knows that Barbara spends a TON of time with her grandkids in SMA, and as much as she can in Houston. And she's not shy about writing about them either, bless her heart.

It's fun being a virtual uncle.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we'd spend more time with various nieces and nephews, but they live in San Francisco.

Babs said...

Ha, ha, ha Kim. Thanks for clarifying for all of us whether Jennifer was kidding or what. I wasn't sure.
Now in the South when they say, "Bless her heart", it really means something else.....did you know that?
Your nieces and nephews would LOVE and benefit from having you closer to share their lives. I know because my grandchildren miss their Uncle Johnny who, of course, is here in San Miguel!

Ron Stephens said...

I agree with Max, brought a tear to my eye, too....

Babs said...

Ron, you're such a softie.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd followed my comment with a , but it appears that I didn't. I don't know anyone who's a better grandmother to these kids than Babs is, doing the absolute best for them, and the remark was entirely made in jest.

Anonymous said...

It's clear now why there was some confusion. The angle brackets (a.ka. less than, more than) which encased the letter "g" did not show up in the original and subsequent comment.

Babs said...

Thanks Jennifer for clarifying. I was stumped but Kim's comment made sense. You know I respect you and your opinion and was glad to get these two comments to clear up the confusion.
Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

@ Babs:

Yeah, the minute I hit "publish," I realized the "bless her heart" probably wasn't the best thing to say. But I meant well, and as a longtime reader I think I can be pretty confident when I say, "You adore your grandchildren and dote on them." And I mean that in the most positive possible way.

Kim G

Babs said...

Kim, so you've heard the explanation of "Bless her heart". I think its hysterically funny and got a big kick out of it.
Then Jennifer clarified further. All is well.