Sunday, December 08, 2013

Living on Dirt

To look at this photograph of my bedroom, you would never discern that this room is
built into the side of a hill, but it is.  Very cleverly.  Not only is it built into that hillside, the tile floor is on packed earth.  That's the way they used to build houses here - about 30 years ago, or longer.

The only problem with that is as the earth gets cold this time of the year, my bedroom gets quite chilly starting about 5PM and throughout the night.

I've learned to cope by turning on a space heater along with an electric blanket to warm the bed before I climb into it.

As I write this post at 5:17, it's probably about 62F in this room whereas, upstairs, at ground level where the living room, dining room and kitchen are located it is usually at least ten degrees warmer.

There is a time of the year when this is advantageous. That is April and May when it warms up into the 90's and even to 100 a couple of times  for a few hours.  Then this room is perfect.

I'm not the only person, obviously, with a house built without a foundation.  Some friends several years ago bought a house in Col Guadiana for a hefty price.  They decided they wanted to redo the flooring.  Much to their amazement it was dirt underneath the tile flooring , just as I have. 

Much to my surprise, there has never been any problems with the tiles with cracking or spliting or anything like that.  San Miguel is solid rock in most places I guess. 

If this had been done in Houston, where I came from, I think I would have sunk inches, if not feet!

I must say in delight and amazement, even though my hands are cold, this house is built solid as a rock.
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Nan said...

lovely bedroom. Reminds me of mine before we started traveling full time. Love your view and the books, ahhh the books.

Babs said...

Nan, it's the smallest bedroom I've ever had and I love it the most. It
is such a sanctuary.
When I moved to Mx, I sold everything and I do mean everything - all I brought down was art and 17 boxes of books! Most of those books are gone but have, obviously been replaced.
I'd love to hear about your travels!

Steve Cotton said...

That 62 sounds mighty nice to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a seasonal, thick carpet.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where,thankfully, our bedroom is on the second floor, and toasty warm.

Babs said...

Funny that you should mention that because this afternoon I decided to go to consignment shops and see what kind of area rugs might be available.

I'll let you know.

Calypso said...

Sort of an Earthship - We lived in a split level ES for 6 years. But the sun heated the earth and the room stayed the same temp most of the time.

Still -15 F outside would only be 62-56 inside. 62 seemed balmy when it was -15 out.

Stay Warm Amiga!

Babs said...

Calypso, I am trying. Thank heavens for a small room and a space heater!