Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scouring the Internet - Nancy Drew Style!

I admit, I'm technologically challenged.  However, I have a friend who does not have a computer and has never used one.  A former techie at NASA!  Can you believe?

I got a call from him yesterday, which in and of itself, was amazing.  You see he lives on the Pacific Ocean and has minimal, and I do mean minimal, phone service.  So for him to call me yesterday I knew it was VERY important.

It was.  His chainsaw broke and he needs a part.  He thought I was in Texas, could go to Sears and get a part for his Craftsman Model # 316.350220 55cc 20" chainsaw.  Surprised that I was still in Mexico, he said to forget it.  I told him I would try to see if I could find the part he needs.  He referred to it as a "puller starter wheel 1/2 inch thick by 3 1/2 inches round.

Feeling a little like Nancy Drew with very few clues, I first started by looking at Sears website.  It didn't take long to figure out that they are not in the replaceable parts business.

So then I just put in the name and model #.  Oh my, so many sites came up that I didn't know what to do.

Here's what I found.  I found the owner's manual.  I found many parts companies with photos and prices. 
I also found a Consumer Product Alert that there is a problem with the handle breaking off and lacerating hands and fingers etc.  It is to be returned to Sears for new parts!

What I don't have is any knowledge of what this part actually looks like. I'm hesitant to order something without being sure it is the right thing.  And, I do need to let him know about the product warning to see what he wants to do.

Since my friend's phone, for some reason, works best at night, I'll call tonight.  Hopefully he knows someone in Melaque or nearby that has a computer and an email address.  Then I'll email the pages that I've bookmarked.  They can all look at them and decide what to order.

Then, I'll order it, if he wants me to do so. I'll have it brought to San Miguel by a man who goes back and forth to  Laredo and take it to the beach the end of December for my friend.

That's my adventure for the day.  All from the comfort of my computer in the bedroom

Where there is a will there is a way!
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Shannon said...

Who says you're not tech savvy. You go girl!!

Steve Cotton said...

Too bad I am not in Melaque. I would have gladly join in the game as your link agent.

Babs said...

Shannon - It's a whole other world out there! It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much on the web now.........goodness.

Steve - It is going to be interesting if he can even find someone he knows who has a computer! He definitely lives "off the grid".
Wish you were there - I can HARDLY wait to head that way.......

Christine said...

Around here we use a company called: A.P.E. If he is near Petaluma--that's where it is. But in any case if you bring it up you may be able to help him from afar.

Babs said...

He's in Mexico as I am. Thanks for the info however.

MeridaGOround said...

Often there is a part# tattooed on the offender in very tiny numbers. How's his eyesight?