Thursday, September 06, 2012


My computer has been dying a slow death for the last few weeks.  First one thing happened then another until at the end I was just getting a flash of an underscore sign.  I give up.  I handed it off to the computer gurus and said, "Get a new one".

In the meantime I'm using the old laptop that arbitrarily decides to go haywire and cancel everything written or jumps to another page.  All equally frustrating.

I have so many great photos on the camera right now but on this computer under Picasa a signal comes up asking if you want to "hide files" or not hide files.  I've tried both and can't get into Picasa so until I get the new computer, no photos.  Sorry.

Other then this little frustration, life is great.  Weather is magnificent.  The "scout monarch" butterflies are coming through the garden heading south to the preserves.  All is right with my world.  Hope it's the same in yours.


Lee Steele said...

I think one of those monarchs passed through my yard in Connecticut. I love that connection to Mexico those butterflies make me feel. Anyway, I hope your files are backed up!! Hang tight and get something with lots of RAM.

Babs said...

Lee, great to hear from you. A cool thought that the one you saw in Connecticut made it here. Did you know they are six generations from the time they leave here in the spring til the time they return! How do they know to come back here is the mystery!
Since I'm "electronically challenged" and don't know a ram from a goat...I have to rely on my computer people to get the best machine for me.........hopefully, they will

alcuban said...

I've been seeing random butterflies tentatively but didn't know that was the advance team for the Monarchs. You're a woman of many talents, including ornithology, entomology or whatever you call the study of butterflies. Too bad your expertise doesn't extend to computers. Try the Office Depot help desk before you toss the old machine. It could be a software glitch...


alcuban said...

Here we go, thanks to Google: Babs you're an expert Lepidopterologist, or someone who studies moths and butterflies.


Babs said...

Well, thanks Al. I have so many interests that I drive myself crazy sometimes, ha.

The computer is had been a piece of junk for about a year and had gotten so slow that it took over a minute to get a post!

Hopefully the new one will be superb.
BTW, Jose only charges 120 pesos for haircut and shampoo

Benne' Rockett said...

I don't think the Monarch comes this far South, do you? I've always wanted to see the migration, and do have a friend here in Merida that went up towards Michiocan (sp?) to see them. So sorry to hear of your computer troubles. At least you have computer gurus you can trust. XXBenne'

Babs said...

I don't think you're on the migration path of monarchs but surely other wonderful creatures. The flamingo reserve near Merida was awesome.

The butterfly reserves are about 3 hours south of here. Unbelieveably beautiful.