Saturday, September 08, 2012

Human Recyclers

I had forgotten how innovative and alert Mexicans are to left over materials. Things we would throw away or not use, but they figure out a use.

This morning I was eating my breakfast in the dining room when I heard a truck stop about where the dirt pile is left over from the big dump truck that I wrote about last week. I thought, "Oh no".
Looking out the window I saw a much different scene.

This man was in a pickup truck. He had about five empty white bags. The size you buy dirt in from the vivero (nursery) here. He started digging and putting that dirt in those bags. The pile was much smaller when he was finished. A human recycler!

That episode reminded me of back in the early 90's when I was overseeing the restoration and decoration of a house in Gringo Gulch in Puerto Vallarta. I had driven a truck to Guadalajara to buy furnishings. Some of it was cantera which always has to be crated or it breaks. I bought so much that I had to have M&M Trucking, which was a very small mover at the time, deliver the goods. They had to haul it up at least four flights of stairs and uncrate it. When finished we put the wood, cardboard and string on the street level outside the front door. Within an hour every single item had been taken to be recycled and reused. I was amazed and happy that not much goes to waste in Mexico.

Just another little intriguing snapshot of life in Mexico.

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Shannon said...

That is so true. Rather than throw anything away I usually leave something that I don't want across the street in the empty lot. If no one else wants it the garbage truck will pick it up. I don't think anything has ever made it to the truck!