Monday, September 03, 2012

Life as a "Colorist"

In my previous life, I was known as a "colorist". Someone who had studied the psychology of color and applied it in visual ways to the designs of restaurants, resorts, retail and residential projects. Color has always spoken to me.

Interesting facts about color are used to tweak you, the consumer into eating more food, buying more items, spending more money and many other psychological things. It is a fascinating topic that I can talk about for hours. And, have done that in many lectures in the USA in the past.

Among my paint crew members in the twenty years that I had my firm, each man would grit his teeth and wait to see the Finish Schedule to see how many colors I would use in a project. I remember the number on the second Tex-Mex restaurant that I did - 42. They just sighed.

Customers did too and that restaurant in Houston was the "talk of the town" for many years as the exterior was turquoise, yellow and fuscia. Colors we are all used to seeing now but in 1985 it was outrageous. It isn't ever outrageous in Mexico!

Recently in a magazine I saw this photo of a bedroom. I was so attracted to the framed photography above the bed of a natural world. In addition the furnishings and bedding in natural colors feels so soothing to me. I'm amazed that I like this. It is definitely very muted in comparison to my usual likes.
To me the framed photograph is exquisite. It contrasts so well with the textures of the silk bedding and understated custom made bed.

Maybe this colorful "colorist" is entering her muted phase...........


Cheryl said...

What restaurant are you talking about? I was living there then. Just curious!

Babs said...

Hi Cheryl - It was Cuellar's Cafe which faced 610 at the San Felipe exit.........