Friday, April 27, 2012

Birding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

 I've wanted to write this week about all the birds that I see on a regular basis from up here on the hill.  With water nearby in the presa, the abundance of plants and cacti in the canyon, it is a nature preserve of sorts for all manner of wildife.  Especially birds, egrets, ducks and the ever present hummingbirds.

Imagine my surprise tonight when I had the drapes closed against the west sun when I heard beautiful singing.  I knew it wasn't one of the birds I hear on a regular basis.

I opened my drapes to the sight of an absolutely white parakeet.  What a surprise.  It seemed to me that it would wander around a bit eating seeds and things.  Then take off for other parts, unknown.
It didn't. 

The dilemma is and was Velcro, the cat.  The consummate hunter, she too had heard the singing and was now downstairs, inside. on her hind legs looking out the window at something to chase and.........

No way.  Not on my watch.  I went up to the roof.  Velcro always follows me.  Aha, gotcha.  Left her there. Got one of the many birdless cages I have up there for decoration and came back down three stories to where the parakeet was still hopping around.  It is somewhat domesticated.  Probably flew away from a nearby home.  I caught it rather easily.  It's in the cage in my bathroom (the only room with a door) until I can either find its home or let it go on the canyon ridge.

Never a dull moment in MY house.

I had intended to talk about the vermillion flycatchers, the kiskadees, great egrets, snowy egrets and hawks, among others.  I think that will have to wait for another day - soon, I promise.

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Christine said...

When I was 13 my family had a white parakeet named "Frosty." In those days, women, including my mother, back-combed their hair and Frosty loved to ride around on my mother's head. She couldn't feel him up there and he felt safe in his "nest." Unfortunately one day she opened the front door, forgetting he was on her head. He flew south-to San Miguel--where he founded a little dynasty.

Babs said...

What a great story. My grandparents had parakeets when I was about your age. We lived with them for a while as our house was being built.
My grandmother played bridge, and raised violets - lots of violets. When she would leave to go to bridge she would tell my mild-mannered grandfather NOT to let the parakeets out because they would eat her violets. Of course she wasn't gone ten minutes and he would let them all out. I've always had an affinity for parakeets but not enough to want to have one and clean the cage!

Dan in NC said...

Lone domesticated parakeets are generally naught but hawk fodder. So unless you've seen a local flock of these little songsters to let this one join, he'll probably be happier singing for his lunch on your top patio rather than being lunch in the pressa. Cute little fella.
Besides, if it is domestic, it will need a little time for its feathers to grow out, to allow proper flight. Hanging from the canopy in front of your "Angry" bird wall hanging will also keep it out of Velcro's reach, and allow a swift exit if a friendly flock flits by...
Dan in NC