Friday, March 23, 2012

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

Actually that's not what I'm writing about today. It could be titled no photo, no purpose, oh what the heck?

For the last four days I've been hibernating trying to recover from some spine issue that had me looking like a crab in heat. Add to that then I got a sneezing, coughing, head cold.........the picture is not pretty. Hence, no pictures. I didn't want to infect anyone else and so I've been reading and putzing, slowly, very very slowly around the house.

Today, however I got out for a few hours to have Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house. No we didn't have a specific thing to be thankful for, we just wanted turkey, dressing, the requisite mashed potatoes and gravy along with green beans and dessert.

We had it. We moaned. We sat for a couple of hours and had great conversation.

The makeup of the group were a woman photographer, internationally known from Canada; an a woman antique specialist from Nashville, Tn; an internationally known published woman artist from Florida, Haiti and the last almost twenty years San Miguel; a couple who also lived in Haiti, South America and have sold everything in the USA and moved to San Miguel - avid outsider art, Haitian art and folkart collectors; and a man from Iowa who came on a bus trip, got off the bus and stayed eleven years ago. Great mix, isn't it? Super interesting conversations on a myriad of subjects.

To me, the after dinner conversations are always the best part of a gathering. And that happens often here in San Miguel. Viva Mexico!


alcuban said...

A crab in heat? Now that's an image!


Babs said...

I couldn't think of any way to describe how my gait looks! Of course I've never seen a crab in heat......but can imagine!

Steve Cotton said...

You just described one of the things that draws me to San Miguel -- and not just the food. The conversation with interesting people.

Calypso said...

We do not get those kinds of people in Xico ;-( Oh and btw you have those crazy letter verification thing - ugh!

sparks_mex said...

Crabs don't do well in the heat or in pain. I know I was one in a past life

Interesting variety of people that seem to be lacking in the tiny berg of Melaque ... simply due to population count. But I love my little chunk of the west coast for now

Mike Landfair said...

I love after dinner conversations, before dessert is served.