Sunday, March 25, 2012

Whining.............and, then, the REAL WORLD!

 I was whining in the last post about walking "like a crab in heat" since something is wrong with my back and also having a bad head cold.  Then I looked over the wall of the roof terrace and was so ashamed of myself.  The real world is scrounging for firewood to be able to cook with..............
 Gently, I watched the father give one or two little sticks to his son so he could "help out".  Very touching.
 After helping load the truck, the little guy is watching his mom in the thicket of dead trees picking the longest trunks and limbs to break up and take home.  Most likely their home has no electricity, no gas and they cook on a woodburning stove.
 Here's a photo of a Mexican woman using everything she can find for her family.
 This little guy was watching the children coming out of the primary school nearby.  THEY were dressed in their uniforms.  I, of course, wondered what he was thinking as he watched all the kids coming out laughing with their friends.
 Loaded with as much as they could carry, off they went, down the hill with enough firewood for a while or possibly to sell in bundles.  Who knows?

My dilemma always is - what can I do to help besides being empathetic with them?  I ALWAYS think, but for the grace of someone, it could be me.  I thank the Universe that it isn't.............

Something else I've always noticed is that the Mexicans recycle everything - string, cardboard, wood - everything.  Those of us from the USA can learn so many lessons from these proud and beautiful people.
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sparks_mex said...

Almost all my neighbors gather firewood for cooking. Not that they don't have gas but it's cheaper. Some take cold showers rather than use a boiler but cook with gas.

I'll throw dry wood in my van when I see it and give it to neighbors who cook for a living. One sells elote and the other pozole.

The migrant workers almost all use wood because they rent unfurnished places. Jova brought down lots of trees so picking is good.

Babs said...

You lost yours from the hurricane and we lost ours from the bad freeze. Good idea about throwing firewood in the back of the truck when I see it. I'll start doing that.....

Michael Dickson said...

I'm not sure why you think this family is so down and out. Getting firewood? Sure. But no electricity or gas? I would wager they have both.

And the pickup with the king cab certainly is not this year's model, but it's not that bad. I used to drive one that was even worse-looking in Houston.

Mexicans, dear heart, are no more proud and beautiful than, say, Canadians, Americans, the French, Costa Ricans, you name it.

Some are, some are not.

Hope your head cold is better.

Babs said...

I know so many families who have no gas or electricity that I just made that presumption. And, I never thought of looking at the truck. I WAS happy that they had that.....

Maybe its that former Catholic upbringing kicking in........guilt, guilt, guilt, that I have so much.

Thanks for another perspective Felipe.