Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Independence Day Kitsch


The city buses have flags across their hoods. So do the taxis. All manner of red white and green decorations to honor Independence Day, September 16th. The stores have little or huge flags. The doorways are decorated with clothing in red, white and green that is part of the store's inventory. Or there are window decorations of decorative accessories all in the prerequisite red, white and green.

But, I think this "golf cart" or wacky wagon takes first prize. The two little grannies got off of this had on white tennis shoes with red and green shoe laces.

Whatever floats your boat - or in this case, your Independence Day transportation. Doesn't it make you smile......or shake your head!
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Anonymous said...

I had to magnify that photo to make heads or tails of it, and it still was a partial mystery. Golf cart, eh? No matter. It's colorful. Enjoy our independence.

Babs said...

It's a Mexican Art Cart - I love the white plastic trash can tied on the back........WISH I had one! (NOT really)..... said...

Nice photos, Babs.