Thursday, October 06, 2011

Rollin' Down The Road

It has bee almost three weeks since I left San Miguel. Hectic, but fun, would be an understatement.

No hassles on the drive up. Lots of miles since I've been up here. I'm using a friend's laptop which is close to using a stone tablet and a stick. Aaargh.

Lots more later..........when I have a better computer.

LIFE is good!


Marc Olson said...

Well, it's nice to hear you are well and things are rolling along.

Dan in NC said...

Ok Babs, what happened to 6 wks holidays without the Internet? Already a FB entrry to find out what is going on, and now, an actual blog entry! Tsk, tsk! Admit it! You are a blogging addict! RELAX! Your fans are not going anywhere! We will still be here when you are ready to re-start after spending time with friends and family! Have a holiday luv - you deserve it! ( and we are looking forward to hearing how it went!)
Dan in NC