Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Window on the World





When I'm in San Miguel, my "window on the world" looks out over the canyon toward Delores Hidalgo and the tree shaded jardin on the property. Here in West Virginia, its the deck outside the living room and sun porch. I've had fun spiffing up the area with plants and furniture. It's high enough that the deer can't get to the plants (something I've never had to be concerned about in my life). It's a magnificent place to drink coffee in the morning and watch the Canadian geese munching near the second tee of the golf course. Or in the evening about 6PM, the deer are munching between the second tee and the rest of the golf course. One could almost set your watch by the time that they will show up. The fawn leap and play under the watchful eyes of their mothers. Never straying too far. I "ooh and aah" every time. It is a magical sight.

A lot of time and money is spent by the groundskeepers to keep the course manicured and green. Whereas in Mexico, my beauty is totally natural. I can tell you, for sure, that the grass cutters are out there EVERY morning at 6:45 and the first golfers are usually teeing off by 7AM. We sleep with the windows open to hear all the night sounds. But the morning sounds of the mowers and the golfers isn't nearly as pleasant.

I feel blessed to be staying in such a magnificently beautiful place. It feeds my soul. And I also realize how blessed I am to return home to an equally beautiful place.
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Steve Cotton said...

Well put. There is beauty wherever we roam. The trick is seeing it.

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Babs is getting her "nature fix" but I sense a thread of homesickness in here somewhere...hang in there, it won't be long.

Dan in NC said...

I could swear I heard - very faintly in the background - John Denver singing "Country Roads" as I viewed the photo's! We'll be in real trouble if your taste buds start fancying Popeye's or Bojangles over Pollo Felize! Yeah, they make damn fine biskets up there, but you won't find a descent taco al pastor or pibil, let alone a REAL margarita, within 500 miles! Here's hoping that you are thoroughly enjoying your holiday's - and you maintain your discerning/discriminatory (per Felipe) taste! Cheers!
Dan in NC

Babs said...

Dan - My taste buds are NOT Popeye's or Bojangles - whatever that is. I commented just the other day how surprising to see very, very few independent restaurants - all are chains - Cracker Barrel, Applebee's and Outback to name a few BUT I did find a GOOD Mexican place called Las Trancas in Martinsburg. Oh and we did find an Italian where the owner is from Celaya of all places!
Hoping to take the train to DC next week for a day or two before I depart.........haven't EVER been there as a tourist - it was always work! Could be fun.