Friday, September 03, 2010

The Bells Made Me Sad

Are there times when something happens while traveling and you say, "OK, that's enough. It's time to go home"?

It happened to me twice yesterday in two totally different situations. First, I was waiting for someone in a parking lot in Martinsburg, West Va at noon. All of a sudden the bells in a nearby church began to toll. "Oh my" I thought. Then they went on with a melody and I felt this soulful sadness, deep, deep.

They reminded me of the church bells all over San Miguel. There are little churches and grand churches. They all at some point or the other ring their bells. It is one of the defining experiences for me in San Miguel.

Now, here I am in West Virginia, hearing bells, but no San Miguel. Something is wrong.........something is missing.

Then I go to Winchester, Va later in the day to Costco. My Costco card says MEXICO on it. It always garners a few comments. This time the girl at the register literally held up the line to tell me about wonderful experiences that she and her mother had on the Yucatan Peninsula. She was sighing as I left. Another tug at my soul and heart.

I'm here another two weeks, and having a good time, but I DO think its time to go home.........where my heart and soul sing.

5 comments: said...

I think you are two more weeks? Bet Velcro can't wait.

Dan in NC said...

Sorry, but I had movie/vid flashes while reading your blog tonight.... " The Bells, The Bells! - Da Plane, da Plane! - The hills are alive...."
Shame that you don't have the nickname Jojo - as the world appears to be conspiring to tell you (and Steve C) " To get back where you belong!"
All the Best!
Dan in NC

Al Hernandez said...


This was very good writing. You acted as the medium for your heart.

I understood exactly how you felt. Thanks for posting it.

Steve Cotton said...

Preach it, sister!

Babs said...

Well Kay - Vandy and Sue have been there serving at the pleasure of Velcro.......They leave today.
Yes, Dan, I'm hearing that loud and clear.
Al, thanks. I DID write that from the heart.........
Steve you know well what I'm saying - I'm sure you have had many twinges of wanting to be back in the simple life........