Thursday, July 01, 2010

Animal House


The saga continues. In the last week there was the flight of the bats. A tree frog jumped on my bare foot when I opened the bathroom door. Prompting a squeal. A squirrel stood on its hind legs and looked in the bedroom door. All true.
What the heck is going on? Have I become the mistress of a jungle menagerie or something?

Cut to Tuesday evening when I had a couple of friends over for dinner. I seldom turn on the overhead lights in the house since I prefer table lamps or candles. But in this case I turned the overhead light on in the dining room while we were eating.

Fred, of Ron and Fred fame told me to look up at the light. Others might be embarassed by their lack of housekeeping abilities, not I. My first thought and comment was "Is it moving?" When it was established that it wasn't, I was so relieved. We all chuckled that the bane of my existence was captured right above my head. YUK!

Last year I had my first episode of being stung by one of those devils and it hurt like hell. On Saturday night I opened the bathroom door to go in and happened to look up and their was the BIGGEST scorpion I've ever seen. I slammed the door all the while praying he would stay right there while I gathered my weapons of mass destruction.

Upstairs I went for the spray starch which is used to freeze them in place. No spray starch. Damn. So I got the big fly swatter. Came down, put on my longsleeved robe and socks so IF it leapt it would not land on my skin. Pretty smart, huh? Got the step ladder and then gently opened the door. HE WAS STILL THERE. I carefully got on the top step of the ladder and hit the scorpion so he would fly into the shower stall. He did. I pulled the curtain back and mass destructed him. Double yuk. I use tons of toilet tissue to pick him up. Just in case one of those limbs could hurt me.

Yowsa, that is NOT how a single woman should be spending a Saturday night. With an animal! A bug no less.


Tancho said...

Nothing a little Oko won't take care of.
Hairspray also works good. Now in some parts of the world the scorpions are considered a delicacy. We have a few on the ranch but I think I would rather try grasshoppers before those.

Babs said...

The idea of eating a scorpion is ghastly.
For some reason the photo didn't print. I'll now go to Picasa and see what the heck is going on......weird.

Matthew Smith said...

The first thing I thought when you said something about getting a ladder was this was not good . Poor Babs is going to hurt herself again. But you proved yourself an adept killer. I hate killing roaches and spiders but the thought of them roaming my house I can't fathom so I become a killing maniac also.Glad you didn't hurt yourself. Jan in mississippi

Michael Dickson said...

You´re a hoot. By the way, I just noticed that in the header, where it says Bab´s Blog, there are some words just above that, so tiny I cannot make them out. Is that one of those legal statements saying something like you´re not responsible for anything that happens as a result of reading Bab´s Blog?

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Let Felipe know I blew up your page as far as it would go and whatever is in te title is so blurred to be illegible. Based on my experience, it is undoubtedly the work of my profession. My hat is off to you. Plus you are a darn good hunter. Probably the Texas blood.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I use one of those hand held zapper thingies. It toasts them on the spot. No mess and absolutley dead.

Babs said...

Jan, I've learned to hold onto the handle now when getting on the small ladder - the big ladder is "off limits" for me.
No Felipe it's an eye test for old men.......(hope you think that is funny!)
Steve, that's it! I'm a Texas hunter - so watch out. Wish I could say I had Texas blood but alas, I was born in Chicago, Illinois.....and even though I lived in Texas for 34 years, that doesn't make you a Texan in the eyes of a true Texan......darn.
Oh Chrissy what is a hand held zapper thingy? What are they called, really? said...

Yeah, I want to know what the hand-held zapper thing is and will it work on Texas size roaches???

I think you get 15 points for a scorpion kill. With 100 pts. you get a zapper!