Monday, June 28, 2010

Strange Plants in the Garden





I inherited some of the weird plants in the garden such as the bloom that I gifted to you the other day in a blog.
But the blooms I'm sharing with you today are "night blooming cereus". I brought them from Houston where they grew and bloomed in the atrium of my home. The fragrance is very, very strong similar to the lemony smell of magnolias but different.

They sprout from the tips of these succulent leaves. Most of the year there is just the plant and then voila, this happens. In the first photo you see all the blooms starting to rise and stand to open. The bloom opens by about 11PM and is over in the morning and the blooms stem just hangs limp. In the time that they bloom, the delicacy and intricacy of the blossoms are incredibly unique.

The coloration of the greenish tinted two blooms is something I had not seen before.

There is always, almost daily, a surprise in the garden - another little bit of beauty - even if it is from a strange plant.
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Steve Cotton said...

My night garden surprises usually involve leaf cutter ants. said...

In spite of its beauty, it has to be male.

Tina said...

Was it difficult to bring some plant cuttings down? We have two specimen agaves we would love to be able to bring here.

Babs said...

Ah, Steve, I have the ants ALL the time - it's a battle and I think they are winning. They stripped a 4 ft high bush in one afternoon recently!
Kay, that is an interesting comment.
Tina - Any plants that I bring is tiny and fits under the driver's seat......enough said. I've only done it twice, first with bulbs and the branch of the cereus.