Friday, July 02, 2010

Hurricane Alex

I'm more then surprised that Hurricane Alex came so far south in Mexico - to Ciudad Zacatecas to be exact. That is NOT far from here - three hours driving due north.
Who would ever have thought looking at the "proposed" track that it would do the exact opposite and hook south? It did.

We've had rain for two days and two nights. Not torrential and damaging but just steady with overcast skies. THAT is unusual in San Miguel. To wake up and not have blue skies is unique.

It is humorous to me because just a few days ago I was extolling the virtues of living in San Miguel and the fact that I never had to worry about evacuating for hurricanes again or dealing with flooding and damages like I did living south of Houston for so many years.

Memories of those times are hilarious, now. But at the time with three kids and being a single parent, I remember panicking and lifting, with my son's assistance, a console TV onto the kitchen counter right before we evacuated. Then we discovered, while trying to evacuate that we couldn't because the water from the bay was too high and the streets were already flooded. That was just a tropical depression and not even a full fledged hurricane. So, we got out his fishing boat and were ready, if necessary to motor out. I NEVER want to feel that kind of panic as to my childrens' safety ever again. It was very scary.

Of course we lived through that and the evacuations where we had the bird, the cat, the dog and other assorted creatures in the car heading to Lufkin to my brother's house. Geez, no wonder I'm a nutty old woman.........all those evacuations, all that stress.

So even though Hurricane Alex came close, there was no panic, no evacuation and of course none of the animals. Well, and just think, IF there had been animals it could have been bats, frogs, squirrels, scorpions and Velcro the cat. Isn't that a visual image to make you laugh?


Kay Cox said...

I think Seabrook finally got some good rain from Alex...much needed.

Steve Cotton said...

Why do I keep thinking of Mrs. Noah?

Felipe said...

Nutty old woman?

Babs said...

Yes, Felipe, hopefully when no one is looking....
Steve - IF there was a Mrs. Noah, why did she let a pair of scorpions on the ark?
Kay - I think all of Texas got more rain then they wanted.....