Friday, June 12, 2009

Fairhope Alabama

As I write this post, I'm listening to Radio Margaritaville. It seems so appropriate.........a Capt. Morgan's with ginger ale and lime would make it even better.

Fairhope is one of the "sweetest" towns in America. Lying across from Mobile Bay, it had an "aura" the one and only time that I was there. I have never forgotten.

This was brought back to me by an article in Smithsonian's June issue. The article was called "An Easy Place" by Rick Bragg. I'm not familiar with Rick but his writing was so lyrical and poignant. I've made a note to order books he has written. He certainly captured the essence of the area.

A sailing buddy of mine, Mike Bernhardt escaped Houston about 15 years ago and settled in Fairhope - with his sailboat, of course.

I'm sure he is sitting around drinking Capt. Morgan's and telling hysterically funny stories. OR he's out in his boat singing Jimmy Buffet.

One of the absolutely funniest of Mike's stories was when he and his high school buddies decided to "streak" past the dining room windows of the Conroe Country Club. They successfully "streaked" - remember streaking? But, when they went back for their clothes NONE were to be found. With leaves and branches, they snuck through neighborhoods to his house. They walked in the front door of his darkened home whereupon the lights came on and his parents along with others were falling out of chairs from laughter. Quite by accident they came across the boys' clothes on the grounds of the club and recognized them.

Mike could never tell that story or many others without breaking up laughing himself - so did everyone else.

Haven't heard "hide nor hair" from Mike since our last sail. Just someone passing through my life.

Fairhope is lucky to have that funny man as a funky inhabitant. He must fit in perfectly.


Bill said...

Rick Bragg is a good friend and I'm sure you'll like his books.

For context start with with his first book, "All Over but the Shoutin' "

Anonymous said...

funny you mentioned streaking. i went out to lunch with a friend and his son today and when i told his son the craziest thing i'd ever done was running in the bare buns fun run when i turned 50, my friend mentioned streaking in college. how well i remember those days-it was big at the U.F. i am now in miami and heading to the keys tonight where i will spend a few weeks with another friend during which time we will travel all over the state. someone else has to have fun traveling, babs ;-)

take care, oh, i can really relate to everyone's comments about the heat in mexico. s. florida is just as bad but i never remember how bad until i get down here. still, i am very happy to be here.


Babs said...

The Bare Buns Fun Run, Teresa? Good grief the mental image I have of that is scary..........
And Bill, thanks for all the info on Rick Bragg! Can't wait to add his books to the pile next to my bed......but somehow I think all those already there will have to wait til I finish his. LOVE the way he writes.