Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up on the Ladder......Again

I don't know why most of the projects around these two houses involve a ladder, but they do.

This morning, after my cup of coffee and before the heat hit.....whew......I decided I needed to fix the big canvas mural on the wall up on the roof terrace.

I have "jerry rigged" it up there and it has stayed for eight years. It is a series of nails, with holes poked in the canvas at the top and the canvas hung that way. I know, I know, there are a million other better ways, but that's how I figured it out long ago. It is 10 ft x 10 ft. A surreal scene of various things of Mexico that can be seen from a block away due to the largeness of the things painted on the canvas. I love it.

Well anyway, back to the project. It entailed getting up on the ladder. Holding the canvas with one hand and trying to get the canvas holes to match up with the nails where it had come lose. In some instances the nails have fallen out, so I had to get down the ladder and with hammer and nails in hand go back up and complete the repair. Heck, all this up and down the ladder is as good as a gym workout!

The whole thing took about thirty minutes. I looked over the wall at the end.A Mexican man was looking up at me with horror on his face as though he was sure I was either going to fall or jump. I had neither in mind.

So, I finished up that deed and brought the ladder to the bedroom where the pesky, but very necessary ceiling fan sounds like a Cessna taking off during the night. I hope WD-40 was what I should use because I have now doused every hole I could find. Hopefully I won't be sprayed with droplets tonight. YUK.

So, if you wonder what a sophisticated, glamourous (I say this tongue in cheek) woman does in her spare time? She is a "handywoman"........well, not so handy. My mother never told me I was going to have to know all this stuff.............where is that White Knight?


Mic said...

Being a short person, seems to me a home isn't completely furnished without an assortment of ladders.....sometimes just to sit atop to get another perspective on things :-) With the high ceilings I'm reading about down there, you'd need some doozies....with rappel line anchorages and safety harnesses.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

You are your own white knight it would seem. said...

Ladders are every woman's best friend tho I'm much more careful these days. Glad you got it done without incident and can check that one off the list. Now, pictures, chica, pictures!

Babs said...

Mic - Most of the traditional old Mexican homes don't have high ceilngs - which is what I live in , thankfully. The McMansions being built by gringoes have those high ceilings. No safety harnesses for me.........Me, a White Knight, anon - heck NO. I wish I had a White Knight, you know like Cinderella.....ha.
Kay, pictures of what?