Friday, April 24, 2009

Rollin' down the Road

Remember when I had my cd's stolen? I was so sad......still don't have them replaced, even though Calypso taped them for me and mailed them. Never received. BUT when I got ready for this trip, I pulled out cd's I haven't played in years. Cd's like "The Commodores, Donna Summers, The Platters and Leon Redbone". So I was jivin' going down the road. Those cd's were interspersed with "Big Joe Maher", Paco Renteria and Willie Nelson, just to name a few.

Never got to listening to the books on tape - the music was too good. UNTIL, I had a blowout ten miles from the Columbia bridge at the border. Oy vey. I backed down the freeway when there were no trucks or cars, then got off the road farther then the shoulder.......walked to a freight yard and asked for help to change the tire. Two hours later I was back on the road. Oh, did I mention that it was 98 degrees and I was in black pants and a black shirt? dumb was that?

By the way, no federale presence at all, no additional road blocks and no one trying to run me off the road........very, very quiet.........until I rolled into Texas. Texas looks like a "failed" state, if police presence is the key factor. Counted over 20 State Troopers cars before I got to San Antonio.
AND more......many more later on. I had forgotten how important "law abiding" is in the USA.

But it is a distant memory since I'm on the water. At the water everything is insignificant, even me!


Michael Dickson said...

Leon Redbone! I haven´t thought of Leon Redbone in ages. I´m gonna download some Redbone later today.

When we crossed the Colombia bridge on April 6 there was an Army checkpoint, and when we returned a week later, another Army checkpoint. You lucked up. Plus, the speeding "fine" about where you had your flat tire.

Law-abiding should be important.

Enjoy the water.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comment by Felipe Zapata.

Seems that living in the outskirts of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán crates a different mindset then living in (everyone one loves to hate) San Miguel de Allende.

Rick - SoCal

Babs said...

Ahh Redbone with his raspy voice and funny lyrics cracks me up. "I wanta be seduced" has great instrumental and funny, funny lyrics. It used to be the background music on my answering machine about 10 years ago! Ya gotta smile!