Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snippets from the Day

The Doc decided that I needed a stress test so I headed off to do that yesterday - convinced of course, since I'm a Drama Queen, (sometimes), that I would die on the machine or end up having a quadruple bypass as others have had happen. Well, it was a zip - and he told me I have the stamina and heart of a 40 year old! I, of course, begged to differ with him. I also told him I had lived in a perpetual "stress test" for the last ten years so that was why I passed with flying colors. A little inside joke.

But the cool thing that happened was when I went downstairs at the clinic to pay. I assumed that I could pay with a credit card or American check - no, not possible. So the receptionist called the Dr. upstairs and this is what he said "Oh just bring the money buy when it is convenient for you". Would or could that happen in the USA? I don't think so. Don't you just love it?

Then I went to my favorite little funky place to eat a Texas brisket sandwich and coleslaw. YUM. When I came out, my car was blocked by a BIG truck unloading at the OXXO store. I couldn't even begin to imagine that I could get out without the big truck being moved. The truck driver came over and offered to move my car for me! He did! He was so good at maneuvering my car out of that tiny little spot - all with a sunny smile. Would that happen in the USA? I don't think so. Don't you just love it?

Oh, and then this morning on the way to the gym I sideswiped a parked panel truck - no one got excited, not even me and I just went on cause I didn't hurt the truck - just a little scratch on my Pathfinder. Well, I'm not going to say...........Don't you just love it.......but I did realize that I could care less about those little scratches. A BIG step for me.


Islagringo said...

Sounds like you had 3 TIM moments. I loved the nonchalant way you mention that you sideswiped a car. Like it happens every day. Funny.

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Gee,here the driver probably would have been armed and you would have been ducking bullets if lucky enough to escape. How did we lose our compassion, grace and charm?

Calypso said...

I have bashed mirrors with a number of trucks on the narrow streets of Xico and Coatepec. Never have stopped to date - it is a given.

How many pesos is a stress test in the land of milk and honey?

Babs said...

So, Isla what is a TIM moment - especially since my new love's name is TIM! Sideswiping the truck
wasn an "oh well" moment - cause all the gouges and scratches are on the right side.......this is my second sideswipe......in 9 years, not bad.
Calypso a "stress test" is 1500 pesos in the land of "milk and honey"!
Kay, I don't know but each time I go back, I notice it more and more.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to hearing more about tim. so he's a hunk huh?! have fun. hope he gets there soon.


Unknown said...

I am glad you found reasons to be grateful - amid your car mishaps and stress testing! I, too, am amazed at hospitality of the people in Honduras. Today a conference speaker that I met just 2 days ago offered me his home if I would like to vacation a few days at the Ruins in Copan. Would that happen in the US? I don't think so.

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, you are so San Miguel. How many years have you lived in Mexico? Well, San Miguel resembles Mexico. And you still whip out a checkbook on a U.S. institution with, I imagine, a dollar account?

Honey buns, we have a different monetary system here. And you are not a tourist!

What are we gonna do with you people in that town?

Anonymous said...

Babs, I enjoy reading your blog and just want to say that I am happy to hear about your new love, Tim. I am glad to see that true love may still exist and I truly wish that for you. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. I wish you lot's of happiness. Stay happy Babs and never give up on finding your best friend and companion. A True love is hard to find.

Con mucho carino,
A Houston Friend!

Babs said...

Au contraire Miguelito - it was the Doc's suggestion if I didn't want to come back with the cash. I pay with US checks for things every now and then and no one has a problem with it. So do others I know. They just take them to Lloyd's and cash them - no problema.......since I have an account there.
So there. Life is e-z here.