Monday, March 02, 2009

An "unplanned" Adventure

I was minding my own business at the gym the other day and THEN my friend Deb said "Let's go out to the ranch so you can see where I live." Ok, that sounded great - I did remember that I had a committment to be at a friend's house at 4Pm but heck it was 11AM - no problema. I wanted to take my car but she said "No ride with me". She did NOT say, "Ride with me and four dogs who have shed 392 pounds of dog hair all over my car"! But, being the adventurer that I am, I swallowed my fastidious nature and jumped in. It also turned out that it wasn't a direct shot to the ranch because multiple stops had to be made before we got there...........I am surreptiously watching my watch.............and the dogs. It seemed to me that I MUST be in all of their favorite place to sit because they were surrounding me.
Note the edge of me in the photo below trying to give them their space. YUK. Deb is trying to hold them back while she talks on her cell phone, counts out money to pay the guy who is putting horseshoes on the horses at the ranch, and probably three or four other things. All of this while we are careening around the libramento at breakneck speed.
Well we got there - alive - after fording a creek (which I've done before many times). As we arrived the horses, multiple ones, and the burros and the dogs all started letting us know that they knew that we were there. Good grief it was really a symphony of sounds. (I'm being polite). Just so I could get a closer glimpse, I presume, Deb let the burros out. How cute............
The black one delighted in coming up behind me when I didn't expect it and butting me from behind. Deb thought it was hysterical - I, not so much. I realized in a few short minutes that I am NOT a cowgirl, a horsewoman or even a country girl. Lordy, you learn something new every day, don't you?

It was fun to go to the country but it was a long, long trip back............... Needless to say, I did NOT get to my 4 PM appointment.
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Miguelito said...

God save us from dog nuts, especially when the dogs are big and hairy, and the dog nuts expect us to sit in the the dog seats. Yuck.

I never would have set foot in the car.

She looks like a River Oaks society sort.

Babs said...

Ahh, Miguelito, you missed that one by a mile! She's from Ft. Worth, Montana and now SMA. One of the most individualistic, fun, wacky people I've ever met. Not a pretensious bone in her body - oh, and she's Hoyt Axton's widow.

Steve said...

It appears I am the odd man out here. Dog hair is just part of my life.

Anonymous said...

I've seen her at Romano's ...i think.

Houston, TX

Islagringo said...

I would so have traded places with you! I would have probably begged to stay the weekend!

Anonymous said...

i love the picture of the dogs looking straight ahead in anticipation of their arrival at the ranch. i used to be picky about dog hair until i ended up with a wire haired jack russell terrier and 2 cats, all of whom shed. now animal hair is just part of my life and it hasn't killed me yet ;-)

hey, you need to bring us up to date on the GUY plans. have you met him yet? i'm sure i'm not the only one that's eager to hear.


Calypso said...

I would have gone - but I do not like vehicles covered in dog hair.

I would like to have had a chat about Hoyt - a good fellow.

maria luz said...

In the words of "Mr. Petermen" when he was emceeing the Eukanuba National Dog show a while back, "Dog hair is a condiment in our house."

And regarding this:

"God save us from dog nuts, especially when the dogs are BIG and HAIRY, and the dog nuts expect us to sit in the the dog seats. Yuck.

I never would have set foot in the car."

He lies.

He rode in our Honda CR-V (loved it, by the way) with no complaint and we had just driven from Fort Worth to Patzcuaro with our 80 pound (BIG) Bearded Collie, Bailey (HAIRY) in the back. The car was plastered with 6" dog hair. We did pay him the courtesy of leaving the "Yuck" at the hotel that night.

By the way, he is not the meanie weenie he wants one to think. He actually likes our Bailey. Hummppphhh Miguelito!

Babs, have loved your blog for a good while, and tell your friend Deb "Howdy!" from Fort Worth. We will be living down there in Tequis within a year.

Maria Luz (Mary Lou)

Babs said...

Ah Maria Luz, I don't want to "blow" Miguelito's cover but I already know he is a curmudgeon just for the fun of getting reactions - in truth, he is a sweet sensitive man - but DON'T tell him!

Babs said...

Hi Teresa - Well "the man" is still around! He'll be here very soon. Our phone bills look like the National War Debt, I'm sure, but who cares......I'll post more later........He is definitely a "hunk"!

maria luz said...


Miguelito will probably work at figuring out a way to get me back for posting that one!

No...maybe not. The operative word being work. Those who follow his blog will know that el es muy flojo, by his own account.

On the other hand he may have been trying to pull me out of lurkership (is that a word?) with that one. It worked!

We love him warts and all.

Keep up the good work Missy! I loved the lizard post, by the way. That thing has made me take great pause as I step through my house now. He looked like a monster! We have plenty of monsters in Texas.


Miguelito said...

Maria Luz, I´m still finding that mutt´s hairs in my butt crack.

Anonymous said...

La ultima palabra es tuyo, Don Miguel!



Kay Cox said...

What fun! A real adventure for sure...we have lived with lots of "shedders" and still do...a staple of our diet.