Friday, March 06, 2009

Josefina and Javier

They come three times a week. Always smiling, always kind and happy to see me. I too, am always happy to see them. They make my life so easy - no cleaning, no ironing, no sweeping, no watering. Good grief who ever imagined such a life? I get to do only those things I want to do after many, many years of doing all those things I didn't want to do but had to do.

I love them. I revel in the growth of their children. I enjoy the fact that the littlest child of Josefina's, Cesar, is now almost three. And that the TV I gave to Javier's son, Rafael, is thrilling him so much. I know Josefina's whole family. I see them on the street from time to time and all always, no matter what, stop to talk to me. Josefina remarried in November and much to my dismay, I wasn't here for the big wedding. But, I certainly received a beautiful invitation!

Josefina in her kind, gentle way brings me a gift each Mother's Day! And asks about Matilda and if she is walking yet and always ends each comment with "Muy precioso" referring to the new baby in Colorado.

I can't imagine my life without them. Not because they do the work, but because they enrich my life.


1st Mate said...

Babs - getting to know and becoming close with people I meet in Mexico is the main reason I want so much to learn Spanish. You're very fortunate to have these people in your life, and they seem to have benefited by having the chance to work for you.

Islagringo said...

Over the past 3.5 years that she has worked for us, our cleaning lady has become almost like family. She comes once a week and never starts on time because we all have a cup of coffee first and discuss things. It certainly is more than an employer/employee relationship and we cherish her.

Anonymous said...

We are blessed here with our dear Nelly who takes such good care of our home and US. Speaking of laughing out loud, we do this every day with our conversations with her. She has a delightful sense of humor, cleans, irons, and best of all is a fantastic cook! We sent her to 8 weeks of cooking school as a gift, both to her and ourselves. When we came back from the states recently, she cried with happiness at our return, and so did we.

Yes, it is way more than just about having the services that make our lives so much easier. It is about a warm relationship that enriches our life here in so many ways.