Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Wonders of Mexico

The following list was in a local newspaper, El Consejo and I have saved it so I can visit each and every one of these sites. So far out of the 13 Natural Wonders, I have visited six of these breathtakingly beautiful places and can't wait to see the other seven. Here's the list:
Xel-Ha located in the State of Quintana -Roo. Beautiful underground sea caves and lakes that mix with the sea.
Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) - Amazing canyons in Chihuahua known for their beauty world-wide. I blogged about it a couple of years ago!
Estero Palo Verde is a series of jungle swamps in Colima, Mexico. Home to abundant species of flora and fauna.
Cuatro Cienegas-located in the State of Coahuila and is a natural reserve that many scientists see as a window to the past. It tells a lot about the prehistoric times of the region.
Cerro de la Silla- located in Monterrey - it is a mountain that looks like a saddle with 6045 hectares and a height of 1575 meters.
Agave Landscapes of Jalisco - A magnificent sight. The plants are used in the manufacture of tequila. They were named a World Heritage Sight by UNESCO. Truly beautiful
Monarch Butterly Reserves in Michoacan - The butterflies travel more then 4500 kilometers from Canada to the forests which are at 10,000 ft. A MUST in your lifetime! I have written about these on the blog in the past also.
ParicutinVolcano in Michoacan north of Uruapan is the only volcan whose birth was witnessed by humans. It erupted in 1943 completely covering two towns with molten lava.
La Pena de Bernal - Located in Queretaro is the third biggest monolith in the world with a height of 340 meters. The town is quaint and sells lots of woolen products.
Basement of the Golondrinas - Located in the state of San Luis Potosi near Xilitla. It is an underground cave which plummets 512 meters and is home to thousand of golondrina birds and parrots. They fly out at sunset and fill the sky - I saw this, it is a startling sight.
Reefs of Veracruz - Wonderful underwater reefs.
Swamps of Centla - In Tabasco and covers 300 hectares and is a protected wildlife area.
Underground Caves of Loltun - Located in the Yucatan filled with stalactites and other natural shapes.
The Pinacate - Located in Sonora and is a volcanic region known for the golden colors of the desert and its many volcanic craters.
Sumidero Canyon- In the state of Chiapas it is beyond anything I have ever seen before. The canyon walls are 900 meters high that were formed by an earthquake 35 million years ago. I blogged about this in June this year.
Mexcaltitlan - known as the "Mexican Venice" located in the state of Nayarit. It is an island that in times of heavy rains, people travel by canoes on its canals or when dry, streets!

I must confess that the places such as Mexcaltitlan and Pincacate are totally knew to me and places I hope to visit some day. The longer I live in Mexico the more amazed I am at the diversity of this country. It's time to get out and travel again! If any of you bloggers have been to these sites, write and tell us about it!


Steve Cotton said...

On my list they go. Thanks for posting them.

Babs said...

Hi Steve - Great list, I think! I'm going to go to Estero Palo Verde in Colima and Mexcaltitlan when I go to the beach at Barra in January............

Anonymous said...

I visited Mexcaltitán in 2004 and it was a fun drive out among swampy areas with lots of great water birds, a short boat trip and a walk around the tiny town. What fascinated me most was a postcard with an aerial shot that made me think of the town as a living Mayan calendar. Kathe

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Thanks for the list. I am anxious to begin our explorations but starting to realize 1 year is going to go by very, very quickly.

Babs said...

"Anonymous" thanks so much for writing about Mexcaltitlan! Sounds very interesting. And American Mommy ENJOY - to me Mexico is one of the most exotic places I have ever traveled with the kindest people........and I've traveled a lot!