Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two funnies............on me!

When I returned from Texas and went to the mail service to pick up my mail, the woman said, "Oh you have a package too". I was surprised because it is so costly to get packages in Mexico through your mail service since you pay based on the value of the item and the weight - basically it's NOT worth it. But this, it turned out, was a book from Amazon which you ONLY pay for the weight. "Hmm", I thought, "wonder what this is?" So I went to the bench in the jardine, sat down with my piles of mail and opened the box. "Oh, wow it was Aztec" by Jennings and I had just been talking about it. I thought I must have ordered it before I went to Texas and just didn't remember doing so............I let it go by and took the shipping ticket and stuck in the book to use as a bookmark (I have zillions of real bookmarks). Why did I keep that sheet of paper? The other evening I'm laying on the bed reading and the writing on the shipping ticket is in front of my face and I see my friend's name on the shipping ticket. For a few minutes I couldn't figure out how in the world his name was on THAT ticket and THEN it dawned on me that we had been talking about that book when I was in Texas and he had sent it to me.......I had him in stitches when I called to relay the story ............what a ditz I can be sometimes!

Then today I ran to the vivero (nursery) to buy pots cause several blew over and broke in the "big" storm last week and I needed to replace a dead indoor palm. I got all the macetas and the requisite black paint inside that is "supposed" to seal them. All loaded in the back of the Pathfinder I took off for home. Midway home I realized I drove off and didn't pay for ANY of it..........I was laughing when I got back to the vivero. The owner didn't even realize I hadn't paid and if he had, I know he knew I would come back because I've been shopping with him for eight years. WE both had a good laugh...........what a ditz I can be sometimes! BUT in this instance I can tell you why I was so distracted. I saw a woman I know looking at plants and asked if she was building a house near me and she said she was, and, that she had just finished a 1400 sq ft one in centro. I said "Wow you're brave" (Nothing is selling in San Miguel) She offered to give me some business cards on the completed house and said to give them to my friends. I asked how much the house was and she said $729,000.US. I just cackled...........and said,"Wow, I don't have any friends that would pay that much for a house."............well, I don't think I do! I was absolutely flabbergasted to hear that price - totally ridiculous! That's my excuse for my absent-mindedness and I'm sticking to it...........

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