Thursday, August 14, 2008

ONE of the 4000!

My imploring readers to let me know about them paid off. I heard from an absolutely delightful woman who has a home here in San Miguel and "shock of shock", a home within ten miles of where I lived when I lived across from NASA in Texas.
Now it gets even better, the business her husband is in is food-related, even Mexican food-related and he knows many, many of my former clients because in the 80's I designed more Mexican food restaurants (it was the hot trend) then anyone I know - all over the USA..........I'll keep going - we have mutual friends in San Miguel - that's not surprising, AND their favorite restaurant on Clear Lake is where my youngest daughter was married among other things.
We have emailed back and forth several times and I can hardly wait to have a cupa "something" when they get to town.
I mean what are the chances that she and I probably shopped at the same grocery stores - either in Texas or here in San Miguel?. She sent me a photo and she does look when we get together, we'll discuss IF we have met before.
It's right up there with the bizarre experience I had about 20 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela of all places. I'm in a restaurant and a woman at another table looked VERY famiiar to me. So I got up, walked over and introduced myself. Well, she did live in Cleark Lake, Texas but it was more then that. Our names meant nothing to either of us and after we sat and talked for about 30 minutes we discovered we had graduated from high school together in Louisiana. Zowee!
Six degrees of separation.
Another time I was on a plane coming back from the Netherlands and started talking to the man sitting next to me - he said, "Oh I'm going to Clear Lake to pick up a sailboat at Lakewood Yacht Club". I said, "Oh I belong to Lakewood, what boat?" It was the boat that I learned to sail on! Now Clear Lake is the fourth largest marina area in the USA - HOW could it be that boat?
Creepy huh? Shall I go on with the other stories? I LOVE when these kinds of things happen.
See you soon , my new friend!


Steve Cotton said...

Now and then I hear someone criticize the plot of a novel because it is too contrived and coincidental. People who say that are usually not paying attention to their own lives. (However, I will concede that Dan Brown's novels are too contrived and coincidental.) I am constantly running into people around the world who have connections to me. And they are always fun encounters.

Babs said...

Steve, if I wrote my life story NO ONE would believe it - the twists and turns and odd experiences. It certainly has NOT been typical, to put it mildly. I find it amazing the "connections" we all have with others, IF we take the time to find out.......

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Babs, that is so cool. I would love to run into some people that I knew from before.

Brenda Maas said...

There was a lady who read my blog and then emailed me. It turned out that she lives about 40 miles from where I grew up and where my mother still lives. They came here for the winter of 2006 and we met and socialised over the winter. They returned for awhile last winter and we still email back and forth. Small world isn't it and blogs are making it smaller still.

Cynthia said...


Here I am, another one of those Clear Lakers with a home in SMA, and I'm wondering if I connect with this other Clear Lake person as well. Could be?

Wish I was in SMA, but I'm enduring a hot, steamy day in Texas.

Babs said...

Theresa, Brenda and Cynthia - Thanks for commenting - Cynthia this woman is Shirleen from Bay Oaks - do you know her? They have a house here also!
I just had another "weird" experience today. Some people who moved here a couple ofyears ago said they were going to Oaxaca and Chiapas. I told them I had a lot of info and they came over today. The first thing they said when they walked in the door was, we didn'tknow you knew so and so! One of my best friends in Houston! It's getting really spooky!