Monday, August 18, 2008

A "shut down" day..almost!

Woke up this morning to rain. And I DO mean rain. It is extremely unusual for it to be raining in the morning - almost never.
It was the first day back to school for the kids but no smiles and noise, just trudging up the hill in their uniforms with their recess either!
The maid Josefina never came, and no need for the gardener to come - no sweeping and no watering for sure.
So I headed to the car mechanic who I had spoken with last night because some kids had pried the door to my gas cap open and it wouldn't reclose.....mutter, mutter. My "beloved" mechanic didn't show up at his garage "yard" either.
Ok, I'm thinking, remain calm. So I attempted to DRIVE to the farmacia for meds that I had to get today - my fault I shouldn't have waited til the last minute. NO one on the streets - well only a very, very few walking in the rain. Couldn't find a place to park within any walking distance of the farmacia and just came home and gave up..............had lunch - took a siesta!
NOW the sun is out - it's 5PM - went over and the mechanic fixed the door; went to the farmacia and got the even though the day started out on the wrong foot - as usual it ended up ok!


Steve Cotton said...

It really is all about patience, isn't it?

Cynthia said...

It is about patience and about attitude.

I think you have the positive attitude thing down pat!

Babs said...

YOU know I say God tried to teach me patience ALLLLLLL my life and Mexico taught it to me in two years! What's the point in getting excited - NOW if I was still working I'd be different perhaps. But without stress in your life, this stuff doesn't "ruffle my feathers" anymore - I am a "strange bird"! Ha...... said...

Patience and take a deep breath and putting it all in perspective. And your waterfall must be going great.
Glad it all turned out...motto, when in doubt, take a nap.