Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A "Six Towel" Night

We LIVE with the weather here in San Miguel - ALL the time. It is magnificent about 340 days out of the year BUT when we get the summer rains - watch out!

When I first moved here I would run around with towels worried about the rain coming in - I caulked and caulked with silicone but to no avail. Then I realized that the walls are stone, the floors are tile and if no furniture is right under the windows, all was well. So I stopped worrying.

Well, this year for some reason, the rains are particularly ferocious - lots of lightning and thunder and winds. Buildings have been flooded such as the Bibliotecha where books and audio tapes were lost.

I don't have that problem, but last night the rain came from three different directions and HARD. I couldn't ignore it - first it came from the South and I have LOTS of windows facing that way - so a couple of towels went on the sills, then it switched to the West and that whole side of the house is windows, so more towels and then it switched to the North..........Good Grief! At one point there was a mini waterfall cascading down the stairs from the door on the roof terrace. Until I stuffed two towels up there!

Luckily yesterday I bought more tubes of silicone at Home Depot in Celaya and will add another layer WHEN everything dries totally - which might be a looooooong time. I think some day archaeologists, a thousand years from now, will dig the ruins of our houses and say "Hmm, interesting "formations" in these houses" It will be the buildup of silicone around the windows. Cause it seems every house in San Miguel leaks!

We;'re close to 20" since mid-June but in perspective, I DO remember in 1979 having 42" of rain in 24 hours in Houston..............a record. Somehow these rains seem closer and more ferocious.


Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- I suspect that the Weather Muse must pay special attention to you -- nestled up against that hill.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Babs, our problem is when the street floods and the "drains" are full, every time a bus passes woosh, we get a wave. But our house is stone, and our floors are tile and we bought a shop vac!
Theresa said...

We've had 10" in 3 days but did see the sun today, at least for now. We have a new leak in our roof depending on which way the rain is driven. Nothing like a little plaster falling with one's breakfast.