Saturday, May 03, 2008

A "putzin' Kind of Day

Boy I was READY for a day like this! You DO know what "putzin" is, don't you? It's a day with NO agenda and just "goin' with the flow"...............this time next weekend I'll be at the beach so I needed a day of solitude.......

Twice this week I needed to be somewhere by 9:30AM, dressed with makeup on, and coherent! Geez, it was like living in the USA............It's been something every day, all week and today I had decided I would "sleep in" til at LEAST 8AM. No chance. Fireworks began at 6:01AM to wake up the GODS and everyone else for 50 miles around. I swear. It's the first one that just knocks you out of bed and then you settle down, turn over and wait an hour for it to stop, for a while.
It's a series of 6 days of stuff - honoring workers, construction workers, something else, the people of Puebla who defeated the French and the final thing on Tuesday is "The Feast of the Ascension".......being a FORMER good Catholic, if I remember right, that is a day to honor Mary because she ascended to heaven. I sincerely hope to do that some day, if there is such a place.

So, back to a "putzin day". In order for it to be REAL one must wear as few, but tacky clothes as one loves - wear NO watch, which I'm good at, no makeup - and just "drift". It's so darn restorative that I think there should be a NATIONAL putzin' Day!

Alas, though, it won't be a true putzin' day cause tonight I'm going to a "Doo wop" party so that means I have to clean up and act somewhat normal............darn.

Yesterday while on my way to the 9:30 "appointment" it was necessary to take a taxi because although it started out downhill (the trip) it then was a trip up two really, really steep hills that I ONCE traversed on foot, in sandals, literally clinging to the buildings so I wouldn't slide down the hill............or mountain..........So, I was smart and did take a taxi. Bless the taxi driver's hearts. We rounded a corner on a "less then one lane wide" street and a rickety black pickup truck was attempting to get up the hill like the "Little Engine that Could" but he kept rolling backwards back down the hill - toward us! Three times he tried and three times he failed and each time the cab driver backed up further.....until finally he REALLY backed up and the pickup rolled back down and around a curve and let us pass. All of this was about a 5 minute episode. BUT I so love these experiences cause NO ONE gets excited.............Oh, and at one point a guy came out of his house and attempted to help the pickup driver PUSH his truck up the hill! Don't you just LOVE it? I DO SO MUCH...............

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