Saturday, May 03, 2008

The BEST place to grow up!

IF you love music! Cajun country -- yup, that's where I was a teenager..........for my Freshman and Sophomore year in Baton Rouge and then Junior and Senior years in Alexandria.............the reason this popped into my head is becaue I'm listening to music from the 50's today in preparation for going to this "doo wop" party tonight. Some of the music that makes me jump up and dance, alone, is "Lordy, Lordy Miz Claudy", "Let the Good Times Roll", and "One Summer Night" which we used to call the latter "belly rubbing music".............Thaks Bart for the cd!

I grew up going to clubs on the outskirts of Baton Rouge with friends where it was an every night occurence for Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and the little known Cookie and the Cupcakes to play. WHAT FUN. There was also a place on False River that was just a big open deck where everyone would go on Sunday afternoons to dance to whoever came to play.........fabulous, innocent times. My parents already had two grown kids when I came along - thank goodness for their tolerance and for letting me go "for the music".

Cookie and the Cupcakes played at our senior prom in Alex and then showed up to play at our 40th reunion a few years back...........We all had blisters from dancing barefoot that night!
I love to dance and this music just makes you want to.........

Do you remember any of those songs?


1st Mate said...

Oh, yeah, I remember all of them. But I grew up in S. Texas, where we were heavily influenced by Johnnie Cash and his ilk. We danced out under the stars on a skating rink built out into the bay, and we did what we called "Ritter Dancing" after Tex Ritter, though Cash's music had eclipsed Tex's by then. We wore moccasins so we could slide and twirl, and it was like a really fast waltz with a little swing thrown in. Not very cool,unless you came from Texas.

Babs said...

Oh yes, 1st Mate - I forgot about the mocassins! And the twirly skirts with petticoats.......I'm so glad to hear from you and know you're "safe and sound". I check your blog every day and I guessed you might get home tomorrow......I LOVED the pictures of you and the Capt on Countdown to Mexico! GOOD looking couple.....If I remember correctly you grew up in Corpus.....quite a few Corpus people here in San Miguel.

Kay Cox said...

Oh yeah, I do remember some of these, especially Chuck Berry. Wonder if I can still do the "Twist"?