Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Children's Day in Mexico

Now before you say EVERYDAY is children's day - DON'T! Yes, in the US that might be close to the case but in Mexico, not..............The town was all a twitter (is that a word?). As I left the house, there were balloons up all over the school and a special treat had been prepared for each child, some candy and ICE CREAM! Oh how Mexicans LOVE ice cream.............then as I continued down the hill the kindergarten was leaving and each had either a tiny doll for the girls or a tiny truck for the little boys. The smiles were priceless.
The talk in town was of the fact that tomorrow is a NATIONAL holiday - eveything closed - May 1st - "The Day of the Worker" and then Monday is "Cinco de Mayo"............three days all in almost one week. Whew!
People were scurrying around to get all their errands done in preparation for whatever is going to happen.........who knows? EVERYTHING will be closed tomorrow.

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Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Come back home, We miss your posts.