Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ceramica de Tlaquepaque

Artes de Mexico is a publication in Mexico that anyone interested in Mexico searches out for the areas of interest they want to know about. One of the latest issues is about the Ceramics of Tlaquepaque that were popular in the era of 1920-45. Although I never collected this work and seldom have seen it, I have other reasons to be interested in this issue. First of all, an organization that I have belonged to for many years helped to underwrite this issue both with photography, articles and I believe financially. The group is Los Amigos del Arte Popular. A very knowledgeable group of people and fun to travel and meet with, always.
If you're interested you can go to for more information. The group is located in the USA but do travel to Mexico at least once a year. I got involved while still living in the US.

Secondly, I exported out of Tlaquepaque and Tonala for twenty years and probably could walk through those villages, if they were still like they had been, blindfolded. Many, many days and hours of strolling and meeting with artisans, factory owners, shop keepers and freight consolidators. Quite magical places back then. Often the streets were empty and of course, now that those areas have been discovered, I doubt they are ever empty now. Back when I met the woman who I used at a consolidator she was shipping equipale chairs to Italy and Australia......very little to the USA. A great friendship developed with Maggie and we became "family". It got to the point where I could call her from the USA, tell her what and how much I needed from a specific place and she would air freight or ship it to me. GREAT lady. BUT, that is ANoTher story.
Thirdly, Artes de Mexico is to me, one of the best publications I have ever been priviledged to read. An entire issue is dedicated to one subject matter. I would hate to tell you how many issues I have, but when I travel I always look for a CONACULTA bookstore or place where I can find them. NOW we have such a store here in San Miguel inside Bellas Artes. Oh boy, I have to be careful. Books are my passion! In fact, when I went to buy this book I saw several other things I was interested in but I HAD to buy this and walk out - otherwise it would have been disasterous financially..........Oh by the way, most isues cost around $18 US, 200 pesos in Mexico.
Hope, if you're interested, you'll find Artes de Mexico and start a love affair with Mexico, or continue it.

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