Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Big "DO"

Well, the big "do" last Sunday evening came off without a hitch! Weather was great...the streets weren't closed off by the celebration of San Jose...........and no fireworks until late, late that night after everone had gone home.
A celebration like that (it was for my birthday but no one knew but me, sort of) reminds one of why your life is so full and rich. I did say, in a toast, that, "If the richness of your life is measured in family and friends, then I'm a very rich woman". And I meant it.
Observations - as much fun as it was to do a big "do", I realized that I like the small 4-6 people dinners where afterward everyone hunkers down and has good conversations. And, what do you do with all the leftover food when you've sent tons home with people? Well, I ended up freezing brisket...........for another small gathering........some day. The ribs that my son John prepared were gone in a flash! Only two restaurants cook ribs here in San Miguel and they are short ribs and not very meaty like the ones he got at the carniceria here. Everyone LOVED them. Oh and the tres lech cakes from Casa Feliz had people asking WHERE could they get a cake like that.
All in all a wonderful memory! Oh and darn it, I forgot to take photos............ces't la vie.

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