Monday, April 14, 2008

The Coatamundi and the Sugar Bowl

I will start to tell you this TRUE story by saying, NO I do not have any photos to add to this blog. AND I will tell you that this REALLY is a true story. I was at a party tonight and I don't know how the heck the story came up but someone who reads the blog said, "Gosh, you NEED to tell that story on your blog!" So, here it is.........

About three years ago, one night I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded to me like the lid fell off the sugar bowl. I was already in bed. My way of dealing with that was to close and lock my bedroom door which is downstairs from the living room, dining room and kitchen. I wasn't about to go upstairs and see who was up there..........It never occurred to me to call the police.

So the next morning I went up and sure enough the lid was off the antique flow-blue sugar bowl and there were little paw prints EVERYWHERE. Ok, I've had raccoons in my house before in Texas so I know what paw prints that come down the chimney look like........yup, little sooty prints everywhere. Lordy, I prayed that thing, whatever it was, was NOT in the house. So when the maid and gardener came we moved everything in the kitchen and NOTHING. Whew. HOW it got out I have no clue............could it possible have gone back UP the chimney, whatever it was?
So, I figured it was just a weird thing that would NEVER happen again and I went to bed that night, but with my door closed. By gosh, about an hour after the lights were happened again. So now I knew it wasn't a human being and that whatever it was would be more scared of me then I of it........(maybe) and I got my BIG flashlight and went up the stairs to open the door into the courtyard so whatever it was could get out........THAT's when I saw it. On the kitchen counter and oh crap, it was the size of a raccoon. So, I quickly ran over to the door, flung it open, and ran down the stairs as fast as I could and locked my door. No "whatever" the next morning, but the sugar bowl lid was off, again.
SO that night, I barricaded the fireplace opening in the living room with plywood, a table leaning against the plywood and I don't remember what all else. By god, that thing moved all of that and , you guessed it, tipped the sugar bowl (which by now had nothing in it).
ENOUGH already...........when I described it to the gardener he said it was a coatamundi. Ok, now what...............We cut the limb off the tree that gave the "creature" access to the roof and the fireplace chimney. And that truly is the tale of the coatamundi and the sugar bowl. Living in Mexico is ALWAYS an adventure!


Gypsy Girl said...

YIKES!!! And I have been leaving my bedroom patio door open at night!!!
That is truly a funny story. But I don't think I could handle it so well. I would definitely have panicked and left home.
So from now on the patio door will be closed! said...

OK, I give up...will have to look that up on the Internet. Do I look under sugar craving beasts?

Babs said...

YES Kay - someone wrote and said there are two kinds of coatamundis and did I notice if it had a striped tail or not? I said, "R U kidding?" I just saw this best on the kitchen counter and turned into a "whirling dervish" - first running for the kitchen door to the outside and then running down the stairs to shut myself in the bedroom! YIKES>>>>>>>>>>>>