Sunday, March 23, 2008

From the "Sublime" to the "Ridiculous"

After all of the solemnity of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, everything turns around into exuberance and silliness on Easter Sunday! First of all, everyone who can hear is awakened at 5:30AM with a barrage of fireworks - not the pretty ones - just the loud ones. "They" say this is their way of sending petitions to the Gods.............enough already (just kidding). By 6 or a little later it is over and one can turn over and go back to sleep....... Then about 10:30 or so, intermittent fireworks go off and one knows they have started to blow up the Judases. These Judases are paper mache and cardboard and when they blow up a leg goes one way and the rest of it goes in a zillion different directions. The children are underneath waiting for the prize........a leg, a head or whatever. They grab it and run to their parents - all the time laughing.
The Judases used to be Fox, or various local officials and once in a while a guy named Bush. It is all in fun and very funny.
Deb Hall wrote a whole thing on the history of the Judases and you can go to her blog, oops, I don't remember the whole name to read more (I'll put it in the next blog).
You can see by the number of Judases that it takes a while to blow them all up. No one leaves "empty handed". Pardon the pun!

3 comments: said...

One of the things I love about Mexico...the fireworks and their paper mache figures that they blow up...great way to release aggression and totally delightful. Love your pictures. We must seem incredibly laid back to the natives who seem to celebrate most everything...these folks know how to party even at 5:00 am.

Steve Cotton said...

Do those who leave "empty handed," have a leg up on next year or perhaps a head start? Or is there a danger of putting your foot in your (or someone else's) mouth? I suspect someone will lend an ear -- or a hand, for that matter. Probably the same people who will yell: "Two arms!"

Babs said...

Steve - LOVE your sense of humor and "play on words"!