Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Warning

You are NEVER going to believe this! Those new CFE, or whatever they call them, light bulbs that look like a pig's tail - they are so full of mercury that if one breaks that it MUST be disposed of as hazardous waste.....this was on the NBC Nightly News so it isn't something I read that might not be true. I'm mystified that something that dangerous could be touted as the next great invention for the betterment of the environment. Just think of how many of those will be replaced over a life time and they say they cannot go to a landfill - so where the heck are they going to go? I'm here in Mexico - do you think they have a separate place for those things, NOT! I wonder in the USA where they will go. There is a 7 step "process" to dispose of them.........get REAL!
I saw this on the news several days ago and I"m still shaking my head...........

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Hollito said...


this information was known since this "energy saving" lamps came out years ago here in Europe - you did not know this?
But you know neon lamps for shure, since years or decades? It´s just the same...they are hazardous waste, just as batteries, nearly all kinds of paint, or any kind and amount of mineral oil...
And yes, over here they are recycled or buried deep down in salt domes, packed in barrels.