Thursday, March 20, 2008

Computer is DOWN!

We have been having EXTREMELY high winds here this week - blowing pots off the roof kind of winds! Can't see the blue sky for dust winds............YUK! So since Telmex in their infinite wisdom has loose lines for my computer hookup on the roof.............or did................I now have no computer service and probably won't til next week after Easter.
And EVERYTHING, including Telmex is shut down til next Monday for Easter processions and services..................I trooped down the hill to centro today and hence I'm able to send this message from an internet cafe. Adaptable, flexible and relaxed - all qualities needed to live in Mexico.................ha!
PS Black cat in internet cafe has done everything but knock me out of the has stepped on the keyboard, draped itself over the screen and checked out my bolsa.............where else in the world?


Steve Cotton said...

It seems as everyone down your way is experiencing windy weather. Wayne mentioned it the other day. Bliss mentioned high winds on the Pacific. Is this usual weather for you? Our weather here in Oregon is just about as it always is.

Babs said...

Yes Steve this is SO unusual - I have never had pots blown over. There was an article in the Houston Chronicle today about the "mud rain" and the dust storms from central Mexico causing it. Now Houston is a 14 hour drive north so that tells you something about the strength of the winds and the amount of dust! YUK!

Kay Cox said...

It's been blowing a gale here as well and cats on the computer are the usual around here. I swear the orange cat is like having a toddler...he is in my face every time I get on the phone or have company. And the water spray bottle doesn't phase him.

Kay Cox said...

Oh, and we got your dust and smoke rained upon our cars this week...a hugh mess! Had to wait in a long line at the car one could even see out their windshields. Mud rain...guess it is better than twelve inches of snow this time of year.