Monday, March 17, 2008

WHY no Oven someone asks!

Well the answer is that I live in a Mexican house built for a Mexican family - not one of those homes built for the American market. Mexicans basically cook on cooktops, hence, no oven. I looked at putting in an oven under the six-top cooktop but there is a boulder there.....this house is built into the side of the rocky cliff! Hence, no oven............but I have adjusted to not having it, and if I want to do a lot of baking - like a big batch of chocolate chip cookies - I do have friends who have ovens and by offering a couple dozen cookies - I get to use their oven!


Steve Cotton said...

That would suit me fine. I have never baked cookies, pies, or cakes. I am a top-of-the-stove guy. During my house searches, I have noted the number of kitchens that have counter-top burners, but no oven.

Babs said...

Yes, it's a Mexican thing.....many still cook on wood burning stoves...truly!