Friday, February 22, 2008


Life is so interesting! I've been reading a fellow blogger's page and he is from Oregon. Few people know that almost 30 years ago I worked in aviation for a company based in McMinnville Oregon as their HR Director for everything east of the Rocky Mountains. I loved and still love anything to do with aviation (both fixed and rotary wing) - I had also previously been with a company that managed federal contracts and that is how I first came to Mexico because I managed a State Dept contract in Mexico City that provided aviation personnel to maintain the atty general's fleet of aircraft for drug interdiction (yup, its been going on THAT long.) It was how my love affair with Mexico began.........
Although I was based in Houston, I traveled a LOT to Oregon and all over the US with the company based in Oregon. I left that position because I was traveling a lot, had three teenagers, was recently widowed, and needed to be home. BUT I loved Oregon and often wonder how different my life and that of my children would have been had we relocated to Oregon when they wanted me to do so.
IT is a beautiful place!


Steve Cotton said...

Babs --

Indeed Oregon is a beautiful place. And I have enjoyed living here all of my life. But I am ready to join you in that Mexico adventure. (The income tax bite here is just too big for a retiree.)

By the way, would the aviation company happen to have a "confiferous" name?

Babs said...

YES, it was Evergreen! Back then they really wanted me because of my aviation background and also because I had a "crypto" clearance when I was with E-Systems......because of some of the top-secret contracts I managed.It was a FUN time!
Come on down to Mexico - it is just about as exciting as aviation was - NEVER a dull moment!