Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plodding along!

Progress is being made but slowly..........Amanda is out of the big ICU and in a secondary ICU which at least has a window and isn't quite as noisy. She is NOT impressed! Step by step. They can't remove the trach til they are no longer extracting fluid from her lungs..........they continue physical therapy but she is suffering from ICU psychosis which means shes not always sure where she is. Told the nurse yesterday (with no voice) that she should be an outpatient cause it would be cheaper! That's our girl.
Unfortunately I haven't seen here for several days because they are limiting visitors now............and it will probably be Tuesday before I see her again.
So, I've been seeing grandkids and kids and relatives and staying busy. I DO have the car loaded with stuff to take back to San Miguel so whenever that is...........all I have to do is toss in the suitcase and head out. Most of the stuff in the car is for the new grandbaby coming in about 4 weeks so I can't be here too much longer...............I have a NEW grandbaby coming and I need to be in San Miguel for her birth!
That's about if from north of the is colder then a rat's ass in Alaska here and I'm ready for WARM sunny weather, south of the border. Even just sunny will do.
Thanks so much to all of you for your encouraging words - it's nice to know I'm not shouting into a void!


Jonna said...

No empty void! There are lots of silent eyes out here reading and sending healing thoughts to Amanda as well as celebrating her wonderful recovery. Virtual hugs to you both, I'm very glad she is doing better.

and the Defense Attorney... may the Karma Gods wake up and do the happy dance on his head.

Dave said...

Hello. My name is Dave Robertson and I live in Mobile, AL. I've been to SMA in the past ten years but have always travelled by plane.

I am planning to drive by truck to SMA this summer with my wife and two small dogs and would appreciate any general information you might have.

First, which of the three Texas border crossings provides the fastest toll road route to SMA?

Also, do you have any information about brining dogs across the border papers and any required vet certification about vaccinations.

Finally, do you know of any good motels you could recommend after you've crossed the border into Mexico?

Thank you for your help.


Billie Mercer said...

When are you coming home?