Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life works in mysterious ways

Yesterday was very eventful.........all in a GOOD way - took Amanda's 93 year old mother to see her. Ruth, Amanda's mother, is more alert then I (which is something) and she talks non-stop but always about very interesting the hour from her home to the hospital she was telling me about when her husband raced in the Monte Carlo race in the 20's from Estonia to Monte Carlo and some of the art he bought when he first got to Estonia. Ruth and Fred were married 61 years before his passing and they lived all over the world. What a life! Ruth had a hip replacement six months ago at 92 and walks with a cane but other then that, she is feisty as ever. So, you see Amanda comes from good "genes".
All is well at the hospital even though Amanda had to have an operation to check an infection where she had back surgery on the 6th of January. She was alert when I was there and was asking all kinds of questions with her lips (has no voice because of trach)............I TRIED to answer all of them She continues to be exasperated at not being able to tell everyone what to makes me so happy to see that cause I KNOW she will get well.
The three granddaughters who were in the car when it was hit are all well, home and enjoying all the perks of special treats after their experience.
The 35 year old defense attorney who was "drag racing" his Porsche with a Corvette when he hit Amanda and Patrick's car was jailed and I'm not sure if he still is in jail but sure hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
That's about if from cold and rainy Houston. I'll be happy when I can head home to sunny San Miguel and NOT have to drive!


MexicowithKids said...


I just found your blog through links from others here in Mexico. I am enjoying it so, and am partway through reading your archives! It sounds like we have similar feelings about Mexico!

I am glad to hear your friend Amanda is recovering and will keep her in my thoughts.

L-in Guanajuato for now

1st Mate said...

Let's hope the lawyer at the very least is disbarred!