Wednesday, January 23, 2008

YEE ha!

Amanda got out of ICU into a private room last night - THANK goodness. Yesterday was a rough, anxious day and I was a wreck when I got home from the hospital.........BUT today was 1000% better and all is good. Therapists were astonished that she could move her legs 10 times in therapy and she ate solid food, joked, had no anxiety attacks, and was OUT OF BED in a specially rigged chair. Oh and wanted lipstick!!! Halleluia!
SO with all that said, I've done my "bedside time" with Amanda and she totally understands that I need to "hightail" it back home for the birth of Matilda, which it appears will be coming sooner then her due date................yikes, I feel like a pingpong ball.
See ya'll on down the road.
Yes to all my San Miguel friends, I'll be home by the weekend!

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Cynthia said...

You are a very good friend. So happy to hear that Amanda is doing so much better.